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Anatomical Models / Torsos with organs
 This life size torso with open back is composed of 28 parts and provides an exceptionally realistic reproduction of anatomical structures in their finest detail. All the body systems are represented with full ...
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This model shows a cross-section in the sagittal plane. The cross-section runs through the nose, mouth, throat, trachea, esophagus, and stomach. A feeding tube or catheters can be inserted through the nose or mouth into ...
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Reproduction of a human torso in about half life size. Perfect for use as desktop model or for studying the basic anatomy. The model consists of the following parts: Basic body, two head halves, one with removable ...
A complete life size torso with open back, composed of 27 parts that provide the most important organs and anatomical structures in the human body. The head is sectioned to expose the skull, brain, mouth and throat ...
This sexless life-size torso is composed of 12 parts. Accurate in all of its detailing, this model is a useful tool to show the human anatomy in any classroom. Structures are numbered and identified on the accompanying ...
This life-size torso model gives an idea of how computed tomography and magnetic resonance work. Each part can be rotated and removed to take a closer look at the anatomical details shown. All structures such as muscles ...

Anatomical Models - Torsos with organs

In our OpenMedis online store, we offer a wide selection of anatomical models of the human torso, which are an invaluable tool in medical education and clinical practice. These models are mainly used in schools, universities and medical facilities as a teaching and decorative element. Our offer includes models of torsos with internal organs and models of muscular torsos that perfectly reflect the anatomical structures related to the structure of the human body.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

The torso models in our offer are divided into those that show external structures and those that show the inside of the human body. Most of these models are disassembled into many parts to facilitate learning and to introduce the smallest and most inaccessible structures of the human body. There are also two-sex torso models on the market, which significantly improves the performance of classes on such a phantom.
  • Muscle torso models - allow for a deeper and more accurate understanding of the structure of muscles and their location within the human torso. It is an ideal tool for students of medicine, physiotherapy and osteopathy who want to improve their anatomical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Torso models with internal organs - are an excellent teaching aid and an ideal tool that helps to better understand the functions and location of organs related to the human torso. Thanks to the ability to extend and explore the interior of the torso, students and medical staff can examine and learn from realistic models of the heart, arteries, veins and other important structures.

Application of anatomical models of human torsos:

  • These models are not only irreplaceable in the educational process, both at the level of primary schools and universities.
  • They are perfect for clinical training and scientific presentations.
  • They help visualize and understand many aspects related to internal organs, which is crucial for developing diagnostic skills and medical procedures.
  • They also support the process of explaining to patients their ailments and planned medical procedures.
Our anatomical torso models are created with attention to the smallest details, which guarantees their faithfulness in reproducing real anatomical structures. Thanks to them, learning anatomy, physiology and pathology becomes more effective and accessible.
Our offer also includes skull models and human skeleton models, which can be a perfect complement to your teaching set.
If you are looking for a specific anatomical model related to the human torso or have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are ready to help and provide the necessary tools to learn and improve skills in the field of medicine and biological sciences. We can produce models to order.


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