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Anatomical Models / Excretory system models
This model of a female bladder in about life size shows all anatomical structures as cross section. Bladder, urethra and sphincter are clearly visible. Perfect as patient education tool for pelvic floor ...
This dual-sex Urinary System all-in-one model provides a comprehensive view of the urinary system, highlighting the structures of the retroperitoneal cavity, the large and small pelvis with bones and muscles, the ...
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This model of a human kidney in almost life size shows hand painted details of renal pelvis, renal medulla, renal calyx, renal cortex, renal artery and vein, ureter and adrenal gland. With educational card and ...
This 2-part model shows the human kidney in about double life size. It shows internal structures including cortex, medulla, pyramids, calyces, renal pelvis, ureter and origins of the renal artery and vein. The front ...
This model is designed to inform patients about urinary stones (urolithiasis) and kidney stones (nephrolithiasis). A right kidney in natural size is opened to show the internal structures. The renal pelvis, the renal ...
This 5 piece life-size model shows the most important components of the urinary tract, as well as the vena cava and abdominal aorta. The right kidney is open and shows the renal cortex, the renal medulla, the pyramids, ...
This life-size model is sectioned along the frontal plane and shows, five different pathologies of the male urinary bladder in the typical location: cystitis, bladder stones, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), ...
This model shows very impressive the changes of the prostate caused by BPH. One side of the model shows a healthy prostate with bladder and the other half has a diseased prostate with narrowing of the urethra and ...
This model of a human kidney in about 2 times life size shows hand painted details of renal pelvis, renal medulla, renal calyx, renal cortex, renal artery and vein, ureter and adrenal gland. With educational card and ...
This 3 models set shows the basic structure of the kidney. We can find as a first model a frontal section of the kidney, enlarged 3 times, illustrates adrenal gland, cortex, medulla, pyramids with papillae, renal ...

Anatomical Models - Excretory system models

The urinary organs include the kidneys, which produce urine, and the efferent organs, through which urine is excreted from the body. The efferent organs include the renal calyces, renal pelvis, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. The kidney is a paired organ resembling a bean in shape. It is located in the retroperitoneal space on the side of the spine and has a height of T12-L2. The kidney has an upper and lower end, anterior and posterior surfaces, a convex (lateral) border and a concave (medial) border. A depression on the medial border of the kidney called the renal hilum leads to the renal sinus. This is the place where the artery and nerves enter the kidney and the vein, ureter and lymphatic vessels exit. From the outside, the kidney is covered with a fibrous capsule, which is surrounded by a fatty capsule, creating a shock-absorbing surface. Another covering of the kidney is the renal fascia. The kidney parenchyma consists of 2 layers: the lighter cortex lying on the periphery and the darker core. The medulla of the kidney is made of pyramids, the bases of which are adjacent to the cortex. The apex of each pyramid forms the renal papilla, which lies at the bottom of the renal sinus and is encompassed by the lesser renal calyx. The smallest morphological part of the kidney is the nephron. It consists of the renal corpuscle (located in the cortex) and renal tubules.

Our offer will include, among others: the following anatomical models of the human urinary system:

A kidney model for learning anatomy - our offer includes several anatomical models of the kidney. These are high-quality teaching tools presenting the elements of the internal and external structure of the human kidney. The kidney model is ideal as an aid for learning anatomy and topography for doctors and medical students. It makes it easier and faster to learn the anatomy of the kidney and allows you to understand the process of urine formation and excretion. It is also an ideal equipment for anatomical and biological laboratories of schools, technical schools, universities and medical offices as a tool for patient education.

  • Life-size kidney model - this is a 1:1 scale kidney model showing the most important anatomical details of the kidney, such as: renal pelvis, renal calyx, renal cortex, renal veins and arteries, ureters and adrenal glands. This model comes with an educational card and a tripod, as well as a mobile smartphone application for learning anatomy. The size of the kidney model is 10 x 6 x 4 cm and the weight is approximately 0.2 kg.
  • Kidney model with adrenal gland, 2x enlarged, 2 parts - another interesting product in our offer is a two-part model of the human kidney with adrenal gland, presented in 2x magnification, which facilitates learning anatomy. This model graphically presents the internal structures of the kidney, such as the cortex, pyramids, calyces, pelvis, renal arteries and vein. The dimensions of the model are 19x12x7cm.
  • Kidney stone model - the educational model can be used in offices as a demonstration model for patients to explain the pathologies associated with the presence of kidney stones. It shows the right kidney, life-size. The model allows you to see the internal structures of the kidney, such as the cortex, medulla, pyramids, calyx, renal pelvis, and ureter. Supplied on a stand.
  • Kidney cross-section model, 2x magnified - kidney cross-section model made with 2x magnification on a tripod. It is hand-painted. It presents the following structures: renal pelvis, renal medulla and calyx, renal cortex, renal artery and vein, ureter, adrenal gland. The dimensions of the model are 16x10x5cm.
  • Model of the kidney, nephron and glomerulus - this is a practical set of 3 models showing the basic structure of the kidney. The first model is a frontal cross-section of the kidney, enlarged 3 times, showing the adrenal gland, cortex, medulla, pyramids with papillae, renal pelvis and blood vessels. The second model is a nephron enlarged 120 times, showing the renal tubules, the collecting duct system and the loop of Henle. The third model illustrates a Malpigh corpuscle with Bowman's capsule at a scale of 700:1. All of these models are an excellent tool for education on kidney anatomy in all its details.

Anatomical models of the kidney - application:

  • learning anatomy
  • learning topography
  • anatomy laboratory equipment
  • equipment for biological and natural science laboratories in schools, technical schools, universities, and medical offices
  • teaching aid for medical students
  • educational tool for patients in the office setting
The human kidney model is ideal for learning anatomy at home and during seminars conducted at universities and medical schools. Based on radiological data, a series of models faithfully reflecting the human body were created. These advanced teaching aids are the equipment of anatomy laboratories of many Medical Universities in Poland. This is a modern solution used in many countries around the world.
We also recommend skull models and pelvic models, which, combined with anatomical models of the urinary system, will create an ideal set for learning anatomy.
If you have any questions or the specific urinary system models you need are not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We can produce models to order.
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