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Didactic skeleton, basic version

Product code: MA00080

Product description: Didactic skeleton, basic version

School skeleton. A full-size model of the human skeleton intended for educational purposes. It allows you to demonstrate the anatomical structure of the skeletal system, topography of individual bones and their mutual relations. It was designed based on the anatomical structure of the skeleton of an adult male of average height.


  • stable structure of the skeleton placed on a metal rod having a plug-in connection with a 5-inch wheel stand made of durable,
  • break-resistant material teeth are a separate element, they are placed in the jaw,
  • detachable upper and lower limbs,
  • hyoid bone,
  • the 3-part skull with the option of detachment from the skeleton, set in a realistic way on the C1-occipital joint,
  • the model contains hyoid bone shoulder, hip, knee joints are connected by flexible rubber.
  • This is a feature that distinguishes good skeletons with metal joints.
  • This makes it possible to present real movable and translational movable property.
  • The model contains approximately 200 life-size bones.
  • It presents important anatomical structures.
  • The model is equipped with a special ring, thanks to which it can be hung if needed. the model is placed on a 5-arm stand.

Additional infromation:

  • Size with stand: 178 cm
  • Weight: approx. 9 kg
  • Intended for elementary, high schools, colleges and universities as an element of teaching rooms equipment.
  • It can be used in medical or rehabilitation rooms as it is ideal for demonstration purposes for patients.



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