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OpenMedis - Anatomial Models

About us

Anatomical models, teaching aids, school aids


OpenMedis also specializes in the sale of teaching materials in the fields of science, medicine, biology and patient education. Our anatomical models are high-quality products. The offer includes:


  • human skeleton models: Oscar Skeleton, Hugo Skeleton, Bert Skeleton, Arnold Skeleton, Otto Skeleton, MAX Skeleton.

  • flexible models of the spine.

  • a models of the skulls (e.g. an osteopathic skull broken into 22 parts),

  • models of joints and limbs

  • models of organs, systems and organs

  • veterinary models: cow model, sheep model, pig model, horse model, organ models and animal skeletons

  • veterinary simulator e.g: Cow Artificial Insemination Emma, pig artificial insemination etc, birthing cow, calf simulator etc.

  • medical simulators


Rehabilitation equipment

Our offer also includes high-class rehabilitation equipment supporting the therapy (BTL physical therapy apparatus, rehabilitation tables, small kinesiotherapy accessories).


Rehabilitation tables

OpenMedis rehabilitation tables combine all practical and ergonomic features. In addition, a wide range of accessories allows the therapist to purchase the appropriate table according to the required specification. In addition, only with us it is possible to see and try the rehabilitation table before ordering!

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