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OpenMedis Training and Physiotherapy Center is a teaching facility under the education system. Professional courses for physiotherapists in the field of manual therapy according to IFOMPT and physiotherapy standards organized as part of the institution's activities, are additionally accredited by the NOMPT PL Association (Association of Neurophysiological and Orthopedic Manual Therapists). The facility is distinguished by a professional conference room in Cracow with an area of 120m2, equipped with audiovisual equipment and adjustable rehabilitation tables and social facilities.

OpenMedis also specializes in the sales of didactic materials in the field of medicine and education of the patient. Our offer also includes teaching aids for medical students such as human anatomical models such as osteopathic skull, human skeleton model, flexible spine model, models of organs, systems, joints. Particular attention should be paid to the unique collection of 3D printed anatomy series - based on radiological data. The anatomical 3D models in this way reflect the true human bodies.

Another branch of our activity is education in veterinary medicine. Our assortment includes:
Veterinary models: cow model, sheep model, pig model, horse model, organ models and animal skeletons
OpenMedis is also a distributor of high
quality rehabilitation equipment supporting therapy (BTL physiotherapy apparatus, rehabilitation tables, minor kinesiotherapy accessories).

OpenMedis is also a rehab clinic in Krakow. We offer rehabilitation services from the treatment of manual spine and peripheral arthritis, stabilization and physiotherapy of urinary incontinence. Those who lead the surgery are certified manual therapists (MT 1 - IFOMPT manual therapy).

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