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Anatomical Table 3D
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Anatomical Table 3D
 A digital, mobile platform on wheels for teaching animal anatomy. The veterinary anatomical table is an innovative, interactive and holistic approach to veterinary education. Equipped with the most popular images ...

Anatomical Table 3D

3D anatomical table – application of anatomical tables

The anatomical table is an interactive educational tool with the function of visualizing organs and systems, which significantly improves the quality of education of future doctors, physiotherapists, rescuers and veterinarians. 3D anatomical tables are an ideal virtual learning platform for students of all medical fields. Thanks to anatomical tables, schools and universities have access to the largest libraries with real medical cases. Students can not only cooperate with each other, but also consult specific cases with students from other schools that have this type of 3D anatomical tables. In addition to the extensive didactic content, the anatomical tables are very intuitive. They allow you to conduct interesting group classes with the option of adding descriptions, your own new scenarios, and creating quizzes and competitions.

What anatomical tables does OpenMedis offer?

Our offer includes two anatomical tables. These are some of the most advanced devices in the world. Universities and schools that decided to purchase such an anatomical table are delighted with its possibilities, and students received an additional element of education, thanks to which their knowledge significantly expands.
Below you can read brief descriptions of the 3D anatomical tables that can be found in our online store:

SECTRA Anatomical/Visualization Table

Thanks to the database of CT and MR images, the Sectra visualization table enables an interactive 3D spatial preview of life-size human anatomical structures and animal structures. Users can view images of bones, muscles, organs and soft tissues by gradually removing layers of tissue. The 3D anatomical table model enables students to better understand the anatomy, functions and processes occurring in the human and animal body and improves the quality of teaching. It has a histopathological examination browser with automatic tumor cell counting function and an optional unique tool for planning orthopedic procedures.
The touch technology of the 3D anatomical table facilitates the entire process of acquiring knowledge. Students and instructors can gather around the visualization table for an in-depth review of a selected study and group discussion. Having a unique format and touch interface at their disposal, they can easily share ideas or commands with each other, which in turn leads to deeper and inquisitive discussions and significantly increases the effectiveness of learning.
The unique built-in Educational Portal tool allows you to share collected cases with table users around the world via the Internet, which significantly facilitates cooperation and exchange of ideas between universities around the world.
The SECTRA Anatomical Table is an ideal platform for teaching anatomy for medical and veterinary students. In particular, it develops the following skills:
  • learning detailed human anatomy
  • diagnosing the patient's health condition based on ultrasound, microscopic, mammographic images, etc.
  • planning treatments, among others orthopedic thanks to the ability to move fragments of damaged bones of the displayed case and arrange them like a puzzle

Anatomage Anatomical Table

The Anatomage virtual anatomy table is a technologically advanced anatomy visualization system intended for educational purposes, used by many of the world's leading medical and veterinary schools and institutions. The 3D anatomical table is an ideal element of equipment for laboratories of universities and schools. It is intended mainly for teaching anatomy to medical and veterinary students.
Using this device, you can view any data from ultrasound, CT or MRI examinations. Thanks to Anatomage anatomical tables, students have access to a built-in library rich in over 100 real clinical images, which means that learning is no longer just theoretical.
This table can display unique, three-dimensional visualizations of human general and topographic anatomy. Students have the opportunity to see the skeleton, muscles, organs and tissues based on full-size models. The device also allows you to enlarge and rotate research objects and segment subsequent anatomical structures into layers in order to learn about their spatial structure.
Main features of the 3D anatomical table:
  • Thanks to Anatomage, we can see a virtual human body in real size and experience similar situations that may occur in the operating room
  • intuitive touch control
  • comprehensive anatomy study
  • the opportunity to take education to a higher level
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