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OpenMedis - Anatomial Models

Veterinary skills lab, Animal anatomical model, veterinary simulators

Simulation in veterinary medicine, animal simulators

The veterinary laboratory is equipped with all kinds of veterinary simulators and teaching aids as animal models for veterinary students and future veterinary technicians, facilitating theoretical learning and training of practical/clinical skills necessary in working with live animals. They can be used as veterinary models for learning the anatomy and topography of animal organs, as well as phantoms and procedural veterinary simulators for learning in the field of animal breeding and reproduction, calving, injections, thoracocentesis, CPR, positioning, bandaging, rectal examination and insemination. It should also be noted that veterinary simulators help students achieve proficiency in practical skills without having to expose animals to stress, danger and the associated discomfort. The need to maintain animal welfare and ethical aspects limit the use of live animals in the education process, hence the global trend and international requirements indicating the need to divide education into two stages. The first one in seminar conditions on various types of models, animal simulators and veterinary trainers as well as virtual solutions, and the second one on live animals. This education model, using various types of learning aids, enables effective learning and ultimately contributes to improving the quality of the education process and accelerates the achievement of the intended learning outcomes. Animal anatomical models and veterinary simulators are undoubtedly ideal equipment for veterinary laboratories, as they speed up the teaching process and facilitate learning to remember.

Why is it worth choosing our company?

We have many years of experience supported by appropriate references issued on the basis of properly completed deliveries. We have comprehensively equipped veterinary laboratories of many Universities and schools in Poland with veterinary simulator, trainers and animal models. We also serve foreign clients (the European market, the US market and the countries of the Middle East and Africa), thanks to which we have the opportunity to observe global trends in veterinary education. Thanks to our practice, we can offer you professional advice on the selection of the appropriate product range, adequate to the needs and profile of the Institution. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service. We value customer satisfaction. We offer products of the highest quality. We cooperate only with proven and well-known manufacturers of teaching equipment who guarantee a high level of workmanship and content. OpenMedis is also a manufacturer of anatomical models and veterinary simulators. We can produce custom-made anatomical models with precisely defined specifications.

What teaching aids and veterinary simulators does OpenMedis offer?

We have a very wide offer including animal anatomical models, trainers, phantoms and veterinary simulators for learning clinical skills. Among animal models, our offer includes both anatomical models of individual animal organs (e.g. a model of a ruminant, a heart dog model, a cow kidney model, etc.) as well as complete anatomical models of animals, such as a 15-piece cow model or a pig model consisting of 20 parts. The unquestionable advantage of these educational animal models is the ability to divide them into 2 halves. This directly affects the educational process because it is possible to learn external and internal anatomy as well as the topography of organs and the mutual relations between them. As a complement to this learning, it is worth pointing out various types of virtual solutions, such as the veterinary anatomy learning platform available in our offer. Considering veterinary simulators for learning clinical procedures, OpenMedis offers a wide range of various types of teaching aids enabling training and improvement of practical skills performed on various pets and farm animals. Among the veterinary trainers for pets, the most popular are a dog paw model for injection, a dog paw model for bandaging, a cat phantom for CPR, a dog phantom for CPR, a dog phantom for auscultation and many others. In the case of farm animal simulators and trainers, our offer includes, for example, theriogenological simulators, a simulator for cow insemination, a simulator for pig insemination, a comprehensive horse colic simulator with the possibility of performing venocentesis and abdominocentesis, a cow simulator for learning a birth (dystocia) with a compatible calf, enabling training in managing the birthing process, putting ropes on the calf's legs, haltering, obtaining milk samples, learning and conducting artificial insemination. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of products enabling effective simulation in veterinary medicine!

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