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Veterinary simulators / Sheep
A model of a sheep on the base, approx. 2/3 natural size.  The model is installed on a base with wheels, and can be divided in two parts along its sagittal plane. The right part shows the outer part of the ...
A 1: 3 scale detailed model of a sheep stomach. It consists of 2 parts that can be separated to show the internal structure. Application: Learning the anatomical structure of a sheep's stomach veterinary ...
This sheep skeleton specimen is suited for visualising the anatomical structures of a sheep and the individual bones are numbered for accurate identification. Real skeleton of a sheep Firmly ...
Didactic model of a sheep on the base, reduced by about 2 times. Intended for educational purposes for students. It has the ability to divide into 11 separate parts of the body and organs. The model presents the ...
A model of a sheep's skull made on a 1: 1 scale. It has been developed on the basis of scans of real bovine skulls together with veterinary teachers, in that it contains the most important anatomical structures needed ...
High quality skull reproduction. 2part model, lower jaw removable. Skull length appr. 23cm. Delivery time: 14-21 workdays.   ...
Complete frame, ready for assembly Approximate dimensions after folding: Height 85 cm Width 25 cm Length 110 cm Weight 4 kg ...
High quality skull reproduction. 2part model, lower jaw removable. Skull length appr. 29 cm, Horn width appr. 60 cm, individual horns 97 cm and 98 cm long. Horns supplied losely. ...

Veterinary simulators - Sheep

Sheep models are irreplaceable tools used both for learning anatomy in schools and universities, but also as a decorative element in doctor's offices, veterinary offices and medical clinics. Their three-dimensional shapes and realistic appearance help students, students and researchers in learning and diagnosing this animal species. The OpenMedis online store offers a variety of sheep models, showing muscle structure, internal organs, skeleton structure and many others.

Anatomical structure of a sheep:

Sheep are relatively small mammals. The average adult sheep measures approximately 60-90 cm at the withers and has a body length of 1.2 to 1.8 meters. Sheep are herbivores and have a four-chamber stomach that allows them to digest fiber and cellulose. Their characteristic feature is thick fur. Sheep have four limbs, with a hoof consisting of two toes. Their anatomy is adapted to move on a variety of surfaces, such as grass, dirt and stones.
Due to their anatomical structure and physiology, sheep are a research model used in fields such as cardiology, orthopedics, abdominal surgery and general surgery. They have a small amount of adipose tissue, proper size and structure of organs, which facilitates access to tissues. Additionally, sheep are popular farm animals that provide meat, wool and other products.

What the OpenMedis online store offers?

Due to constant monitoring of market trends, our offer includes a very large selection of anatomical models of sheep. Below are descriptions of some of them:
  • Sheep stomach model, made of 2 parts - an ideal device for learning the anatomical structure of the stomach, accurate reproduction of the structure of this organ will be useful in veterinary teaching and medicine.
  • A sheep skeleton on a base is an excellent teaching aid and is used for demonstration purposes.
  • A 1:1 scale model of a sheep skull - developed on the basis of scans of real skulls, thanks to which it contains most of the most important anatomical structures - it is irreplaceable in learning the anatomy of the sheep skull. The skull has a detachable mandible with full teeth, which can be attached to the skull at any time using magnets placed in the model.
Three-dimensional shapes, accurate reproduction of our models and the ability to disassemble into elements is an excellent tool for comparative anatomy and other research.

Application of sheep anatomical models:

  • Education – an irreplaceable tool in the process of educating medical students.
  • Scientific research – used to analyze the physiology of the animal body
  • Presentations and lectures – help recipients quickly understand the topic of the presented material.
  • Interior design – they diversify the appearance of veterinary offices, clinics and training rooms.
A professional tool for veterinary students, teachers and researchers. Our models will be a perfect complement to your educational and research needs. We also recommend anatomical models of other animals, a very popular simulator for learning pig insemination, with natural dimensions, compact and light structure, containing the animal's reproductive system. This model will enable learning proper artificial insemination techniques. We also recommend cattle models and goat models, which, combined with sheep models, will create an ideal set for learning anatomy and physiology.
If you have any questions or if a specific model is not available in the online store, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We can make models to order.
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