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Veterinary simulators / Rabbit
This rabbit skeleton specimen shows the anatomical skeletal structure of an average-sized rabbit. Rabbit skeleton specimen Mounted firmly on a wooden base Equipped with plastic encasing for ...
Life-size model of a domestic rabbit (female). It presents the external and internal anatomical structure of the animal in realistic, full color details. The model can be separated in the middle line to reveal 7 ...
 The vascular system contained in this simulated rabbit ear was designed using SurgiReal's RealFlow technology and is designed to help mediate venipuncture and vascular access in a rabbit. ...
 SurgiReal's Rabbit Training Kit includes a rabbit suture pad as well as suture instruments and three packs of non-sterile 3-0 practice thread. Instruments included in the kit: 1 Adson-Brown Tissue Tweezers, 1 ...
The rabbit Suture Pad represents the first six layers of a rabbit's abdominal wall, with epidermis, subcutis, superficial fascia layer, muscle and deep fascia layer. Each layer is designed to faithfully reflect the ...

Veterinary simulators - Rabbit

Anatomical models of rabbits are an excellent tool used at veterinary universities and in veterinary clinics and offices. These animal anatomical models are often used to decorate offices or lecture halls, enabling discussion of the exact structure of rabbits and their vital functions. Thanks to their three-dimensional shapes and realistic appearance, which reproduce all the elements, they can be used for comparative anatomy research and other scientific purposes. Our online store offers rabbit anatomical models, including both full-size models and skeleton models, trainers and simulators.

Rabbit anatomical structure:

A rabbit's skeleton is made of 112 bones, which allows the animal to move and is necessary to protect its internal organs. Nevertheless, they are gentle and light, allowing the rabbit to remain agile. The metacarpal and carpal bones in a rabbit's feet are positioned above the line of contact with the ground, which causes them to walk on their toes. The shape of the skull is elongated, the main part of it is occupied by the organs responsible for eating and breathing. Rabbits have large eyes that can glow in the dark, which is useful at night. Rabbit fur is thick and soft. The coat grows to a certain length and then stops growing. An interesting fact is that after birth, a rabbit already has 16 teeth.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

Due to following market trends and the desire to reach as many customers as possible, we try to equip our store with a variety of models, both complete and decomposed into parts, showing the external and internal anatomical structure, as well as simulators that can be used to perform, among others: injections.
  • Full anatomical models of a rabbit - these models represent a life-size domestic rabbit. They show the external and internal anatomical structure in realistic, full-color detail. The models can be separated at the midline to reveal 7 structures such as: intestine, stomach, liver, lung, heart, ear, half of the body.
  • Rabbit skeleton models - models of a medium-sized rabbit placed on a base. They are made of real bones.
  • Rabbit simulators and trainers - available, among others: a simulator of vascular access to a rabbit ear, a sewing kit with imitation of rabbit tissue, a rabbit suture pad.
Our models perfectly reflect the appearance of animals and more, as the store also offers human anatomical models.

Application of rabbit anatomical models:

  • education - an irreplaceable tool used at veterinary universities.
  • scientific research - presenting the physiology of the animal body and explaining the mechanisms of conducting research.
  • decor of veterinary offices - anatomical models of rabbits perfectly diversify the appearance of the office.
The educational models offered in our store are made of high-quality material, so they will last for years. The anatomical models perfectly reflect the appearance of rabbits, making them an ideal tool for both teaching and research purposes. Skeletal models are an excellent teaching aid, and rabbit simulators and trainers are invaluable in learning various procedures, including injections and venipuncture.
In addition, our store also offers anatomical models of other animals, such as dog models and models of cows and cattle, which can be combined with rabbit models to create an ideal set for learning anatomy and physiology.
If a specific model is unavailable, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We believe that we are able to meet your expectations and provide ideal tools to improve your learning. We also offer anatomical models to order. Please feel free to contact us.
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