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Cow model - OpenMedis, 15 parts, 1/3 life size.

Product code: M01723

Product description: Cow model - OpenMedis, 15 parts, 1/3 life size.

Anatomical Model of a cow with removable organs. This high quality anatomical model shows a female cattle on a stand in 1/3 life size. One side of our anatomical cow model presents the external anatomy of the animal, while the other presents the muscular system. Our bovine model is divided into two parts in the sagittal plane, which allows to present the internal anatomy of gastrointestinal, reproductive and excretory systems and udder.

The bovine model can be disassembled into 15 pieces, including:

  • one limb,
  • heart (2 pcs),
  • lung, small and large intestines,
  • stomach (3 pcs),
  • kidney,
  • uterus with an ovary (2 pcs),
  • liver,
  • tail,
  • the half with the muscular system,
  • the half with the external anatomy.

When the internal organs are taken out, the cow model presents the muscular system of the thorax and the abdomen.


  • weight: ca. 12 kg
  • width: 28 cm
  • length: 93 cm
  • height: 49 cm
  • 1/3 life size
  • 15 parts removable
Application of the cow model

The educational cow model is an ideal equipment for veterinary laboratories and clinical skills laboratories. Perfect for learning the anatomy and topography of the organs of female breeding cattle. The bovine model is dedicated to Universities of Life Sciences, Agricultural Universities, Veterinary Technicians and Agricultural Education Centers. All veterinary models in our offer are designed to make the veterinary education process more attractive and to help achieve the expected educational outcomes.

Additional information:
  • The product is available only on request
  • delivery time: ca. 4 – 6 weeks
  • The model can be produced in different scales/sizes




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