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Veterinary simulators / Mouse
Experimental procedure simulator Handling Restraint Physical assessment Oral administration Intravenous administration Others  Sizes: Body: approx. 7 x 4 x 3 cm, 25 ...
This unique replica of the mouse allows you to simulate various scenarios. The model has movable limbs.   The model will teach you the following:  Collection of blood from the tail vein ...

Veterinary simulators - Mouse

Mouse anatomical models are an irreplaceable tool that will be perfect for veterinary universities, veterinary offices and clinics. Thanks to three-dimensional shapes, it is possible to discuss the exact structure of animals, their life functions and their impact on the ecosystem. Their realistic appearance and attention to reproduction of all elements allow them to be used for comparative anatomy and other research. Our online store stocks mouse anatomical models with various features and details. Additionally, our offer also includes various types of human anatomical models.

Mouse anatomical structure:

Mouse - a mammal reaching about 10 cm in length, with the mouse's tail being almost the same length as its body. The mouse has five fingers, but the thumb of the forelimb is backward and has no finger pad. Mice have an excellent sense of hearing and very good eyesight in the dark.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

Following the trends on today's market, we offer very unique and practical mouse anatomical models, in realistic sizes, perfectly reflecting their natural appearance.
  • A very well-selling model is the laboratory mouse simulator. This is a high-quality, advanced mouse simulator. Intended for veterinary doctors and students. It allows you to perform the following procedures: learning to hold in your hands, physical examination, intravenous injections, oral application and others.

The educational mouse models in our offer include various species, from the house mouse to laboratory mice. Each model is precisely reproduced in terms of body structure, internal organs and bones.

Application of animal anatomical models:

  • education - anatomical models used by students of veterinary universities to learn how to conduct tests and procedures.
  • presentations and lectures - mouse anatomical models are ideal for various types of fairs, lectures and biological conferences. Their precise structure and workmanship allow for a very spectacular presentation of this group of animals.
  • office equipment - they serve as decor for veterinary offices and clinics.
Anatomical models of mice presented in the OpenMedis online store are made of high-quality materials, their appearance is realistic, which enables research, learning or demonstration.
We also recommend rat models and cat models, which, combined with mouse anatomical models, will create an ideal set for learning anatomy and physiology.
We will make every effort to ensure that the purchase of our models is one hundred percent satisfactory for you. If you have any doubts, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will make every effort to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We can produce models to order.
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