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This fascinating model of an average European adult skull can be disassembled into 22 single bones. During development of this model one of the main targets was to make the model easy to assemble and dismantle. ...
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A life-size model of the pelvic floor muscles. Individual muscles can be easily removed. The model also shows the bone anatomy of the female pelvis. The model presents the following structures: Obturatorius ...
School skeleton. A full-size model of the human skeleton intended for educational purposes. It allows you to demonstrate the anatomical structure of the skeletal system, topography of individual bones and their mutual ...
A flexible model of vertebral column in life size consisting of the occipital plate: cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae; sacrum; coccyx; ] complete pelvis. Features include representations ...
A life-size elastic model of the human foot with fragments of the lower leg bones. Individual bones have been connected with a special elastic band, which makes this model very mobile. It is a feature that distinguishes ...
Life-size model of a dog's skull. It presents anatomical structures and is painted in a didactic way so that the individual bones of the skull and their mutual relations are clearly visible. The perfect tool for canine ...
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Actual cast of the skeleton of a medium-size crossbreed dog with about 45cm shoulder height. The spine is not moveable, tail and skull are removable. The legs can be moved and removed, perfect for use in courses and ...
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Flexible spine model dedicated to physiotherapists, osteopaths, manual therapists, orthopedists. 1: 1 scale. Possibility to detach the pelvis. Advantages: Special assembly on a flexible metal spiral ...
A flexible life size vertebral column consisting of the: occipital plate; cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae; sacrum; coccyx; complete pelvis with symphysis; and removable femur ...
This skull model is an actual cast of a real human specimen and shows all anatomical structures in highest detail. It is made for students in anatomy, medicine, surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology and dentistry. The ...
A 1/2 life-size scale model of the human skeleton. The arms and legs are fully movable; The arms, hips, knee and ankle are mounted as movable joints to allow for natural movement. The three-part skull as well as the ...
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