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Veterinary simulators / Goat
A professional, fully colorful, didactic horse model on the base. It has the ability to divide into 12 separate parts of the body and organs. The model shows the muscular structure of the goat on one side, on the ...
This goat skeleton specimen is used for learning, demonstrating and visualising the animal’s detailed anatomical structure. Real, life-size goat skeleton With numbered bones Delivered with ...
Product information: Complete frame, ready for assembly.     Approximate dimensions after folding: Height 85 cm Width 25 cm Length 110 cm Weight 4 kg ...

Veterinary simulators - Goat

Goat models are an excellent tool used in veterinary schools. They are also widely used in veterinary clinics and offices. Thanks to their three-dimensional shapes and detailed workmanship, these models enable a detailed discussion of the structure of animals, analysis of their life functions and impact on the ecosystem. Their realistic appearance and accurate reproduction of all anatomical elements allow them to be used in research in the field of comparative anatomy and other fields of science. Our extensive assortment of the online store includes both full anatomical models of goats, which allow for a better understanding of the body structure of these animals, and skeletons, which are ideal for more detailed analysis and learning.

Anatomy of goats:

Goat - the dorsal profile of the head covers the cranial cavity and extends caudally onto the nuchal plane. The head is covered with long hair. The eye sockets are located just behind the eye sockets. Goats have oval horns pointing towards the tail; each of them is located close to the eye socket. The most important superficial blood vessels in this animal are the facial artery and vein, so the pulse in a goat can be measured where the facial artery is adjacent to the lateral surface of the body of the mandible.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

Trying to reach as many customers as possible and meet your expectations, we have equipped our store with a variety of models, both complete and decomposed into parts, showing the external and internal anatomical structure.
Our resources include didactic models:
  • full goat models - these models show the muscular structure of the goat on one side, and the external structure is visible on the other. It is also possible to divide the model in a sagittal section, thanks to which the model also shows its internal structure.
  • goat skeleton models - mounted on a base. They are an excellent teaching aid and are mainly used for demonstration purposes. Scale 1:1.

Application of animal anatomical models:

  • education - an irreplaceable tool used at veterinary universities.
  • scientific research - allows you to present the physiology of the animal body and explain the mechanisms of conducting research.
  • decor of veterinary offices - anatomical models of animals perfectly diversify the appearance of the office.
The goat anatomical models offered in our store are of very high quality and will certainly serve for many years. They perfectly show both the external and internal anatomical structure. The models will be used as a teaching aid but will also be used for demonstration purposes.
We also recommend models of cows, cattle and horse models, which combined with goat models will create an ideal set for learning anatomy and physiology.
To obtain additional information, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will make every effort to meet your expectations and thus contribute to the improvement of science. We can also make models to order. We encourage you to contact us.
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