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Cow artificial insemination simulator/Bovine Breeder

Nr ref: MZ01884
Delivery time and shipping cost: please contact, 0048 605999769,
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Product information: Cow artificial insemination simulator

Life-size simulator for  bovine insemination is a unique scientific aid that helps in learning and improving:

  • correct artificial insemination techniques,
  •  cervical manipulation,
  • positioning with an insemination gun,
  • recognition of anatomical landmarks of the reproductive system
  • palpation of luteal development and pregnancy.

Product dimensions:

  • approx. 81x46x71cm
  • Product weight: approx. 11.5kg

Set contains:

  • Realistic hindquarters (hindquarters) of cows and reproductive system for learning the right techniques of artificial insemination
  • Removable cover (available in brown or black and white) for training with or without visual guidance.
  • Simulator with removable cervix and the cover of the reproductive system
  • Digestive tract
  • Latex-free shoulder gloves (100 pieces)
  • Insemination pistol
  • Models of development of the corpus luteum
  • Models of fetal development

Additional information:    

  • The simulator is compact, lightweight, has folding functions.
  • Easy to carry


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Delivery time and shipping cost: please contact, 0048 605999769,

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