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OpenMedis - Anatomial Models

Anatomy lab equipment

The anatomical models as the equipment of the anatomy lab

The anatomy laboratory is equipped with all kinds of devices, furniture and teaching aids enabling the educational process in the field of human anatomy and providing conditions for achieving the intended learning outcomes. We would like to introduce you to our company, OpenMedis, which specializes in the production, sale and distribution of various types of teaching tools such as anatomical models, anatomical charts, medical simulators, trainers, virtual anatomical tables, which equip anatomical laboratories of Medical Universities with Faculty of Medicine and medical schools. with fields such as emergency medical services, nursing and physiotherapy.

Why is it worth choosing our company?

We have many years of experience supported by appropriate references issued on the basis of properly completed deliveries. We have comprehensively equipped the anatomy laboratories of many Universities with anatomical models, which have opened medical faculties with a medical major in recent years. Thanks to our practice, we can offer you professional advice on the selection of the appropriate product range, adequate to the needs and profile of the Institution. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service. We value customer satisfaction. We offer products of the highest quality. We cooperate only with proven and well-known manufacturers of teaching equipment who guarantee a high level of workmanship and content. The company OpenMedis is also a manufacturer of anatomical models and other scientific aids. We can produce custom-made models with precisely defined specifications.

What is worth knowing about human anatomical models?

The anatomical models are all kinds of teaching aids that present the structure of individual organs, organs or entire systems of organisms and help to understand their functioning and physiology. They aim to facilitate learning by speeding up the education process. Our offer includes very precisely made anatomical models. Thanks to a special production technique, they present in detail most of the anatomical structures and details important from the point of view of education. Some of them are natural casts of human bones and organs. The anatomical models are excellent equipment for anatomical, biological and natural science laboratories. They are ideal as teaching aids for medical students, doctors, manual therapists, osteopaths and students in primary and secondary schools. They can also serve as an educational aid for patients in the office setting. Thanks to anatomical models, you can explain to patients the essence of a given problem or therapeutic process.

Anatomical models - division

1) Due to the precision of workmanship, anatomical models can be divided as follows:

  • conventional anatomy model - low and medium fidelity, presenting in a pictorial and schematic way the structure of organs and systems
  • unconventional - high fidelity anatomical models, presenting in detail the structure of individual anatomical structures and the exact courses of nerves and blood vessels


2) Due to the type of structures presented:

  • The models showing normal anatomy
  • The anatomical models presenting various types of pathologies and diseases

The use of human anatomical models

Many experts in the field of anatomy claim that the use of anatomical models in the educational process brings a number of indisputable advantages. The human anatomical models make it easier to understand the structure and functions of a given organ or body area, and also facilitate remembering the course and location of given structures. The ethical aspects as well as increasing problems related to the availability of bodies force the need to divide science into different stages - the first one using atlases and virtual solutions (anatomical table), the next one on anatomical models and only the next one on real dissecting preparations. It is possible that such an education system will accelerate the achievement of the expected educational outcomes.


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