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Custom tools for patient education
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Custom tools for patient education
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Custom tools for patient education

Models and educational tools on request - application:

Custom-made models and educational tools are an integral part of the equipment of every doctor's office, physiotherapy office, medical school or clinic. They perform a didactic function, which is an inseparable part of the treatment and rehabilitation process. They also help in communication with patients. They allow for a simple and quick explanation of a given issue so that the patient can feel comfortable during a visit to the office. They also support the speed of knowledge acquisition by medical students by visualizing anatomical structures. In addition, these products can be used as gifts distributed to patients or information leaflets and advertising materials.

Types of models and educational tools on request:

In our offer we present a diverse selection of products in this category:
  • Custom anatomical models for patient education (including human and animal anatomical models of internal organs, bones, muscles, joints, blood vessels and various types of anomalies occurring in individual structures)
  • Demonstration replicas of medical devices for patient education (e.g. stents, pacemakers, hearing aids, ginoring)
  • Anatomical charts and custom-made materials for patient education (including anatomical charts, leaflets, brochures, information blocks, newsletters, demonstration and information materials)
  • Gadgets / unique gifts in the medical and pharmaceutical industry (e.g. note holders, pens, dispensers for paper clips or notes, business cards, office kits, flashlights, highlighters, pencils) 

What models and educational tools on request does the OpenMedis store offer?

We specialize in the production and distribution of non-standard anatomical models, replicas of medical devices, anatomical charts, educational materials as well as gadgets and gifts related to the medical industry.

Custom anatomical models for patient education are made to order and adapted to the needs of our customers both in terms of appearance and size. They can have an educational as well as a visual function. Very often, patients want to know as much as possible about their ailments or disease, and our models help visualize various processes and problems. In a physiotherapeutic office, they also allow for faster imagination, understanding of the movement and function of a given structure, which translates into more efficient performance of a given exercise. A solid basis for the success of a given medical product is a good doctor-patient relationship. Our anatomical models will help you achieve this goal. Communication is then much easier, the proposed therapies more understandable and patients will feel more comfortable and safe. A big advantage of the products available in our assortment is that they are fully adapted to your needs. We also specialize in the production of animal models. According to your specifications, we create models of animals as well as individual organs and structures. These products can be used as a decorative element, diversify the look of the interior like a veterinary office and help to understand a given problem occurring in a pet.

Demonstration replicas of medical devices are the perfect solution to the problem of patients' misunderstanding and fear of surgery. The cost of these products compared to medical prices is much less, and the appearance remains the same. At the first stage, materials for the production of a given device are jointly selected and then they go through a non-medical production process. The result of the whole is the maximum minimization of costs. The end result is an inexpensive demo replica. Most often, we create products such as: stents, intrauterine devices and replicas of pacemakers and hearing aids.

Our offer also includes anatomical charts and custom-printed materials for patient education. Our medical illustrators will transfer your idea to paper. We design anatomical charts, brochures, leaflets, information blocks as well as demonstration and information materials. Each product will bear your logo, which will leave a good impression in the eyes of patients.

Gadgets / unique gifts in the medical and pharmaceutical industry are an ideal form of advertising your own business. All products in our offer are primarily practical and useful. We are limited only by your imagination. All these products, in addition to educational values, also have visual advantages and fit perfectly into any medical office. If you have any questions or if the product you need is not available in the store, please contact us by e-mail or contact phone. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills.

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