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Medical simulators
NENASim is the world’s most realistic baby simulator. NENASim was carefully designed to complement the individual and the multidisciplinary team training, using realistic baby patient simulation. NENASim offers an ...
Use the to teach proper techniques for manual ventilation with a bag valve mask, as well as oxygen administration via a non-rebreather mask. This innovative trainer also gives students experience with CPR and BVM ...
 Use our award-winning to teach students rib palpation, stethoscope placement and how to accurately recognize heart, lung, and bowel sounds. The clear torso details major organs for easy auscultation site ...
 , which represents a 350-pound male. Use this realistic form to help students prepare for the unique challenges associated with bariatric or obese patients, such as range of motion exercises, ambulation, perineal ...
The geriatric simulator allows you to experience age-related physical changes. The product consists of:  weighting vest, 2 cube weights, 4 wrist weights, 2 suppression limiters on the ...
Our Chest Drain and Needle Decompression Trainer has been designed to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals training in surgical or guidewire-assisted thoracostomy and thoracentesis. This product ...
A foot and ankle for practicing soft tissue injection for the treatment of injuries and arthritis. Skills Gained: Patient posture and management Palpation techniques Identifying anatomical ...
A lifesize realistic breast used for training in examination procedure and diagnostic techniques Skills: Recognised clinical breast examination technique Diagnosis of pathologies: carcinoma ...
Our provides a highly realistic learning platform for acquiring the skills required to Perform Clinical Breast Examination (CBE). Featuring 6 readily interchangeable and multi-positional ...
The CFPT Mk 3 is an anatomically accurate and tactile representation of the female pelvis. It is the ideal platform for hands-on examination as well as diagnosis of female conditions and ...
Manikin The vest manikin is a highly realistic teaching aid to help you learn the skills required for clinical breast examination. Equipped with 6 easily replaceable and multi-position modules simulating pathological ...
Our anatomically accurate trainer is an ideal platform for teaching and learning ‘hands-on’ male pelvic examination and diagnosis. The user-friendly design, combined with clear anatomic landmarks and a range of ...
The CFPT Mk 3 is an anatomically accurate and tactile representation of the female pelvis. It is the ideal platform for hands-on examination as well as diagnosis of female conditions and ...
Our anatomically accurate trainer is an ideal platform for teaching and learning ‘hands-on’ male pelvic examination and diagnosis. The user-friendly design, combined with clear anatomic landmarks and a range of ...
Procedure: Male Rectal Examination Our rectal examination model comprises a realistic representation of the buttocks, anus and rectum enabling the practice of diagnostic skills associated with rectal ...
This “two-in-one” simulator allows: Catheterization: The interchangeable male and female genital organs feature a modular urethral valve to prevent fluid leakage.   Ostomy care: 3 stomas ...
Made from soft material, these life-size model features 2 lumps in each testicle. Perfect for teaching TSE (Testicle Self Examination). Supplied with carrying bag. ...
Self-examination of the testicles is just as important as self-examination of the female breasts for early detection of tumours. Providing exceptional realism, this simulator features soft, thin outer skin with ...
This trainer allows the realistic practice of the digital prostate examination. The model comes with 10 different prostate inserts. 5 of these insert can be placed inside the model simultaneously, the teacher can ...
True to life replica of a female breast with pathological changes. Suitable for training of physicians and medical specialists, but also for instruction in self-examination. Via the use of various special synthetic ...
The is used in medical simulation and clinical training for the demonstration and practice of digital rectal examinations (DRE). The trainer includes 4 different prostates to train professional palpation methods ...
Now with this new trainer, students, residents, and practicing physicians can master the skills needed to examine the human ear using visual cues, correctly diagnose common diseases, clean the ear canal, remove a ...
This simulator features: - Full size female adult lower torso with removable soft outer skin - Seven uteri including normal "control" uterus with healthy internal and external appearance - Internal anatomic artwork ...
Designed by physicians for physicians and health care providers, this gynaecologic examination simulator combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynaecologic procedures as well as practice laparoscopic ...
The I.V. Injection Hand is the ideal simulator for advanced IV training! Now, for the first time,realism is available in an injectable hand simulator. The dorsal surface of the incredibly realistic hand includes ...
A simple to use and economically priced model for intramuscular injection training. Made of lifelike, soft material. It can be punctured repeatedly. Fluid use is not recommended. ...
The manikin used in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) training programs. An anatomically correct pelvic model with both premature and full term foetuses to give trainees realistic practice in multiple ...
Product information: Realistic vein puncture training arm. The veins are palpable and the stinging sensation is very realistic. Models include the forearm cephalic vein, the middle forearm vein, and the cephalic vein. ...
This wound moulage shows an exit hole of a bullet. The moulage adheres to skin or a manikin. For longer training or improved adherence optional glue is available. Supplied with storage box. Size of the ...
This doll offers training in a variety of clinical procedures to nurses and other health care professionals. The external appearance of the model is female. Attachment of the male genitals, however, converts the ...
The injection model is intended to give the prospective physician and medical auxiliary staff the opportunity of practicing intravenous injection. The model consists of soft synthetic material with an exchangeable ...
Specially developed for the Swiss army, this model offers the possibility of practicing blood sampling, injection and infusion. Two injection sites, one on the elbow and the other on the lower arm, allow palpation of ...
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Medical simulators

Medical simulation and the use of medical simulators

Medical simulation is one of the popular education methods using specialized educational equipment - from trainers with a simple structure and functions, intended for learning simple, single medical procedures and tasks, through advanced phantoms, mannequins, simulators with a more complex structure - in the form of complete, e.g. whole patients faithfully reflecting the parameters and structure of real people. The main goal of medical simulation is to prepare future medical staff to work with real patients by creating the most optimal, safe and real training conditions that faithfully reflect the actual situation. The undoubted advantage of medical simulation is the shortening of the time required for proper preparation for the profession compared to traditional teaching methods. Medical simulators are one of the most necessary educational tools for students of various medical studies - doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists. Medical trainers can be used by students as a training tool for practical skills acquired during theoretical lectures. Thanks to them, the risk associated with inappropriate performance of a specific activity is reduced by one hundred percent.

Medical simulators and their types

Depending on the level of advancement, we distinguish trainers with a simple structure and functions, intended for learning basic, single medical procedures, and advanced phantoms, mannequins, simulators with a more complex structure - in the form of whole patients, for example, faithfully reflecting the parameters and structure of real people.
There are a number of different medical simulators on the market depending on their purpose. We distinguish:
  • Endoscopy simulators (e.g. gastroscopy, endoscopy),
  • Procedure phantoms (e.g. catheterization, vasectomy, suturing, suturing),
  • Simulators for physical examinations (e.g. torso trainers, gynecological trainers or breast trainers),
  • Nursing phantoms (e.g. model of pressure sores and ulcers, childbirth simulator in the form of a human torso)
  • Injection simulators (e.g. lumbar punctures, intramuscular injections, intraosseous injections)
  • Cardiac phantoms (e.g. arterial insufficiency, venous insufficiency, cardiac pacemakers)
  • Emergency medical services simulators (e.g. first aid, tracheostomy, resuscitation phantoms)
  • Surgical simulators (e.g. maxillofacial surgery, cardiac surgery simulators)
  • Dental simulators
  • Phantoms in the field of aesthetic medicine

What medical simulators does OpenMedis offer?

All of the above-mentioned categories of medical simulators are available in our offer. We very often adapt to our clients, trying to meet the needs of even the most demanding ones.

Arm trainer for learning intravenous injections
Full-size upper limb trainer with venous vessels. It has the highest number of veins among all similar products available on the market. It is intended for learning intravenous, intradermal and intramuscular punctures and injections. It is possible to perform an infusion and insert a permanent catheter. Thanks to replaceable veins and skin that can be repeatedly punctured and sealed with a special preparation, it is also economical to use. It has a venous system thanks to which all veins can be supplied with blood from one external container. Thanks to the realistic look and feel of the skin, as well as excellent reproduction of the veins, fingers and wrist, exercises on this model are carried out almost as in natural conditions. It has bony landmarks that make it easier to find the right injection site.
The trainer allows you to puncture the following veins:
  • ulnar,
  • Dorsal veins of the metacarpal,
  • Medial ulnar,
  • Radial,
  • Dorsal metacarpals,
  • Radial additional,
  • Indirect cephalic,
  • Medial forearm,
  • Medial ulna.
Advanced sewing kit
The soft, flexible, three-layer leather "opens" realistically after the incision is made, but is very resistant to tearing. The seams are not cut even when stretched. The skin protector can be stitched hundreds of times. It includes easily replaceable specialized inserts for deep skin sewing or repairs that require a high degree of precision. Compact, portable and completely washable.
Set contains:
  • base,
  • one pad per skin,
  • four non-latex bands,
  • one muscle block,
  • one deep leather insert,
  • one tendon block,
  • one tendon,
  • one insert with string,
  • sewing kit
  • carrying bag.
Childbirth simulator in the form of a torso
An economical simulator designed to practice all aspects of childbirth. This full-size female upper and lower torso comes with a removable belly shield and one baby being born with umbilical cord and placenta. The automatic birth system rotates the baby as it passes through the birth canal. It allows you to listen to fetal heart sounds, measure head tilt and cervical dilation. Includes multiple bearing positions. Interchangeable cervical dilators, postpartum suturing practice on vulvar pads, and Leopold maneuver practice.
The torso is equipped with:
  • two umbilical cords,
  • two dilating necks,
  • two umbilical clasps,
  • two vulvar inserts,
  • one Omni™ controller,
  • three vulvas for postpartum sewing,
  • talcum powder and silicone lubricant,
  • instructions for user
  • soft nylon carrying bag.
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