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Standard manikin for teaching breast examination

Product code: SM03590

Product description: Standard manikin for teaching breast examination

Manikin The vest manikin is a highly realistic teaching aid to help you learn the skills required for clinical breast examination. Equipped with 6 easily replaceable and multi-position modules simulating pathological conditions, enabling learning to identify various complications and diseases, including cancer, cysts, mastopathy and fibroadenoma.

Used alone or on a simulated patient, the manikin can be used for any OSCE Objective Structured Clinical Examination training or training for healthcare professionals to promote the use of optimal examination techniques among trainees and patients.


Basic features:

  • The pathology modules can be placed in various fixed locations and are very easy to replace
  • The vest can be used as a standalone training aid or on a simulated patient
  • Rigid torso available for demonstration and practice
  • The vest can be worn comfortably for a long time during OSCE exam preparation classes and the exam itself
  • Made of soft material, the breasts are realistic in appearance and touch
  • Skin surfaces can be washed with soap and water
  • Does not contain latex


  • Anatomical breast with realistic soft tissue reconstruction
  • Pathology modules: neoplasms 2 cm, 3 cm, 5 cm, cysts, mastopathy, fibroadenoma
Set contains:
  • A phantom in the form of a vest worn on the torso
  • 40204 Pathological forms
  • 40205 Breast examination inserts
  • 40206 Brackets for breast pathology modules
  • 40207 Breast pads
  • 40208 Chest for breast examination
  • Additionally: 40209 Suitcase for the manikin for teaching breast examination


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