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Examination and Diagnostic Breast Trainer

Product code: SM01525

Product description: Examination and Diagnostic Breast Trainer

A lifesize realistic breast used for training in examination procedure and diagnostic techniques


  • Recognised clinical breast examination technique
  • Diagnosis of pathologies:
    • carcinoma
    • fibroadenoma
  • Aspiration of a cyst
  • Self examination technique


  • Breast is warm to the touch
  • Responds to gentle palpation in an extremely life-like way
  • Simulated carcinoma and fibroadenoma
  • Benign cyst for aspiration
  • Variable cyst volume (chargeable from a hidden refillable reservoir attached to the underside of the breast)
  • Lightweight and compact base allows for:
    • self examination (when held up against chest)
    • table top presentation
  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water
Package supplied:
  • 1 rigid two-part plastic base
  • 1 Examination & Diagnostic Breast 40040
  • 1 Breast Aspirant 40106



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