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Medical simulators / Orthopedic trainers
The Colles’ Fracture Reduction Trainer is an ideal training tool for learners looking to gain confidence in the reduction of Colles’ fractures occurring at the distal end of the radius.   The portrayal of a ...
The Thor-P simulator was designed by Pro Delphus to practice pectus excavatum correction techniques, such as: dissection of the entrance and exit of the metal bar into and out of the pleural space, VATS to identify and ...
The Knee Trainer provides an environment similar to a knee surgery, through endoscopic or open view, allowing the use of instruments and surgical training of extreme reality. Knee Trainer System - KNT was developed for ...
 The STANDARD base is a versatile and more economical choice. Made of acrylic and stainless steel, it is designed to offer easy attachement to the edge of a table or desk, making it easier for training using less ...
The Shoulder Trainer features ligaments, bones and tendons positioned anatomically or, optionally, with lesions. The SHT simulator system, has all the structures and landmarks necessary to allow shoulder endoscopy in ...

Medical simulators - Orthopedic trainers

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