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Medical simulators / Orthopedic trainers
The Colles’ Fracture Reduction Trainer is an ideal training tool for learners looking to gain confidence in the reduction of Colles’ fractures occurring at the distal end of the radius.   The portrayal of a ...
The Thor-P simulator was designed by Pro Delphus to practice pectus excavatum correction techniques, such as: dissection of the entrance and exit of the metal bar into and out of the pleural space, VATS to identify and ...
The Knee Trainer provides an environment similar to a knee surgery, through endoscopic or open view, allowing the use of instruments and surgical training of extreme reality. Knee Trainer System - KNT was developed for ...
 The STANDARD base is a versatile and more economical choice. Made of acrylic and stainless steel, it is designed to offer easy attachement to the edge of a table or desk, making it easier for training using less ...
The Shoulder Trainer features ligaments, bones and tendons positioned anatomically or, optionally, with lesions. The SHT simulator system, has all the structures and landmarks necessary to allow shoulder endoscopy in ...

Medical simulators - Orthopedic trainers

Orthopedic medical simulators are extremely advanced devices that reflect real and realistic clinical conditions, without the participation of patients. These devices allow you to practice and improve medical skills in the field of orthopedic and surgical procedures. Thanks to these simulators, it is possible to learn and practice procedures in the field of, among others: fracture reduction, chest surgery, arthroscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery.

Medical simulation is one of the popular education methods using specialized educational equipment - from trainers with a simple structure and functions, intended for learning simple, single medical procedures and tasks, through advanced phantoms, mannequins, simulators with a more complex structure - in the form of complete, e.g. whole patients faithfully reflecting the parameters and structure of real people. The main goal of medical simulation is to prepare future medical staff to work with real patients by creating the most optimal, safe and real training conditions that faithfully reflect the actual situation. The undoubted advantage of medical simulation is the shortening of the time required for proper preparation for the profession compared to traditional teaching methods. Medical simulators are one of the most necessary educational tools for students of various medical studies - doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists. Medical trainers can be used by students as a training tool for practical skills acquired during theoretical lectures. Thanks to them, the risk associated with inappropriate performance of a specific activity is reduced by one hundred percent.

Orthopedic trainers:

Orthopedic trainers represent advanced educational simulators, specially developed for training specialists in the field of orthopedics. This subcategory presents a diverse set of high-quality fracture reduction trainers, arthroscopic joint surgery simulators, and thoracic surgery trainers, providing a comprehensive training experience.
Fracture reduction simulators:
These simulators enable practice in manipulating and precisely restoring the integrity of the bone structure in the reduction of various types of fractures. Thanks to them, orthopedists can improve their skills, developing sensitivity and dexterity in dealing with various injuries.
Arthroscopic joint surgery simulators:
Specialized trainers for arthroscopic joint surgery enable realistic practice of surgical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Orthopedic surgeons can improve their skills in performing arthroscopy in controlled conditions, which affects the effectiveness in the treatment of joint diseases.
Thoracic surgery simulators:
These simulators allow training in orthopedic procedures related to surgery on the bones and joints of the chest. Medical staff have the opportunity to improve their skills in stabilizing, repairing and implanting implants in the chest area, which is crucial in the treatment of various orthopedic diseases.
The most important features of orthopedic trainers include realistic anatomical representation, interactivity, and the ability to monitor progress and identify errors during training. These trainers play a significant role in orthopedic education, enabling professionals to improve skills in a controlled environment, which translates into effectiveness and safety in clinical practice.

Orthopedic medical simulators - OpenMedis offer:

Our online store offers a wide selection of orthopedic trainers. Below we present the most frequently selected models from our offer:
We encourage you to check out the full offer of orthopedic medical simulators on our website.

Orthopedic trainers - application:

  • equipment for medical facilities and university hospitals
  • equipment for laboratories at universities as demonstration and training equipment
  • training equipment during training and courses in the field of medical issues
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full offer of orthopedic medical simulators. Thanks to the wide range of our online store and the possibility of contact by phone and e-mail, you can easily assemble the appropriate set of medical devices and equipment that you need.
It is worth paying attention to emergency medical simulators and surgical simulators, which, together with orthopedic trainers, will create an ideal set to equip a research laboratory at a university.
If you have any questions or if the orthopedic medical simulator you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.
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