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Auscultation Trainer

Product code: SM03101

Product description: Auscultation Trainer

 Use our award-winning Auscultation Trainer to teach students rib palpation, stethoscope placement and how to accurately recognize heart, lung, and bowel sounds. The clear torso details major organs for easy auscultation site identification. Students will hear all heart, lung and bowel auscultation sounds engineered to sound correct through a stethoscope.


  • Auscultation Trainer torso
  • Smart device with app
  • RealityScope (stethoscope attachment)
  • Storage case
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Downloadable curriculum


  • RealityScope attaches to any stethoscope
  • Clear torso details major organs
  • Anatomical landmarks built into the trainer
  • Skin overlay removes easily
  • Sounds play only when RealityScope is placed over corresponding auscultation sites
  • Includes a smart device and app programmed with 21 sounds and over 40 scenarios, such as bradypnea, hyperactive bowels and systolic murmurs
  • Includes standards-based curriculum plus presentation slides, student activities and assessments


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