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Medical simulators / High fidelity rescue simulators
The TacMed Simulation APL-C can be used during the crawl phase of training.  It trains responders to perform life-saving tasks such as maintaining a patient’s airway, needle ...
The Whole-Body Simulator (WBS) MATT-PB is a rugged, realistic full-body trainer to treat severe trauma. Purpose-built for field exercises and use in any weather or environment, the WBS MATT-PB offers realistic leg ...
The Whole-Body Simulator HEMO-PB (WBS HEMO-PB) is a rugged, realistic full-body trainer to treat severe trauma. Purpose-built for field exercises and use in any weather or environment, the WBS HEMO-PB offers realistic ...
The Whole-Body Simulator Emergency Medical Trauma Trainer Tactical Medical (WBS EMITT-TM) is a high-fidelity medical simulator created specifically to address training requirements for medics and civilian first ...
The Whole-Body Simulator Emergency Medical Trauma Trainer-Active Shooter (WBS EMITT-AS) offers advanced features and training capabilities for Police, Fire, EMTs, Paramedics, and other First Responders. The WBS ...
The APL-PB incorporates pulses, breathing, and real-time feedback. Using the APL-PB, learners are able to physically locate both radial and carotid pulses, assess breathing patterns, and use this information to perform ...
The TacMed Simulation trains responders to perform life-saving tasks such as maintaining a patient’s airway, needle decompression, chest tube insertion, cricothyroidotomy, and Intraosseous (I/O) infusion. Key ...
The Non-Injured Complete Lower (NICL) is a lower trainer specifically created to connect with any TacMed Simulation upper torso trainer for simulations not requiring injuries to the lower portion of the body. Key ...
The HEMO-G is a ruggedized, tetherless, remote-controlled human patient medical trainer that provides the most authentic simulation of traumatic lower blast injury. The HEMO-G uses state-of-the-art sensor ...
The is a ruggedized and wirelessly remote-controlled human patient medical trainer that delivers high-fidelity realism and durability, creating the most authentic simulation of traumatic injuries to support Point of ...
The (PWT) is a ruggedized task trainer with a simulated hemostatic wound. The PWT is composed of lifelike synthetic skin and includes a hemostatic wound providing trainees with the ability to execute critical patient ...
Hyper-Realistic Bleeding Control Task Trainer. The  is a rugged, hyper-realistic hemorrhage control training solution designed for teaching proper tourniquet application both in the classroom and in field ...
The TacMed Simulation Chest Trainer is a ruggedized partial upper torso medical simulator that helps trainees during the crawl phase of training to treat patients requiring needle decompression and intraosseous (I/O) ...
The TacMed Simulation "Geppetto" Master Controller is a wireless RC controller with a touch-screen interface. Geppetto allows instructors to simultaneously manage up to 24 TacMed ...
• Needle D Skin Plugs (L & R - 5pk) • Manubrium Skin Plug (5pk) • Tibial I/O Cap (5pk) • Instramuscular Injection Site Skin Plug (L & R - 5pk) • Femoral Pulse Point Skin Plug - (5pk) • Chest ...

Medical simulators - High fidelity rescue simulators

High-quality emergency medical simulators are extremely advanced devices that reflect real and realistic clinical conditions, without the participation of patients. These devices allow you to practice and improve medical skills in performing various types of life-saving procedures for patients in life-threatening situations. Thanks to these simulators, it is possible to learn and practice performing CPR procedures, dressing severe wounds (including gunshot wounds), treating post-amputation wounds and treating hemorrhages.

Medical simulation is one of the popular education methods using specialized educational equipment - from trainers with a simple structure and functions, intended for learning simple, single medical procedures and tasks, through advanced phantoms, mannequins, simulators with a more complex structure - in the form of complete, e.g. whole patients faithfully reflecting the parameters and structure of real people. The main goal of medical simulation is to prepare future medical staff to work with real patients by creating the most optimal, safe and real training conditions that faithfully reflect the actual situation. The undoubted advantage of medical simulation is the shortening of the time required for proper preparation for the profession compared to traditional teaching methods. Medical simulators are one of the most necessary educational tools for students of various medical studies - doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists. Medical trainers can be used by students as a training tool for practical skills acquired during theoretical lectures. Thanks to them, the risk associated with inappropriate performance of a specific activity is reduced by one hundred percent.

Emergency medical simulators:

High-quality emergency medical simulators are modern educational tools designed for realistic and effective training of medical professionals in the field of rescue. The subcategory includes, among others, torsos for learning resuscitation, trainers for stopping hemorrhage, full-body mannequins with very serious injuries (including gunshot injuries) and simulators for treating gunshot wounds. This allows you to assemble a set that will provide comprehensive training experiences.
Simulators for learning resuscitation:
They precisely imitate human torsos, enabling the practice of emergency procedures such as CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Thanks to interactive functions such as breathing and pulse simulation, they enable effective training in providing immediate aid and resuscitation.
Hemorrhage control trainers:
These trainers, equipped with realistic bleeding simulations, allow you to practice effective bleeding control. They are an excellent tool for rescue personnel, enabling them to improve wound dressing techniques and deal with medical situations requiring quick and decisive action.
Full body mannequins after very severe injuries and gunshots:
These simulators reproduce entire bodies with advanced injuries such as fractures, sprains and gunshot injuries. They allow for a realistic simulation of a rescue situation in conditions close to real ones, enabling the practice of a coordinated approach to patients with severe injuries. They allow for the simulation of tactical medical training.
Gunshot wound dressing simulators:
Specialized simulators allow for training in precise and effective treatment of gunshot wounds. Medical staff can improve skills related to bleeding control, wound disinfection and proper protection of the injured area.
Key features of high-quality emergency medical simulators include not only realistic anatomical representation, but also interactivity, enabling medical professionals to respond realistically to dynamic emergency situations. Monitoring progress, identifying errors and adjusting the difficulty level of training contribute to effective skill development. These simulators are a key element of medical education, supporting preparation for various rescue scenarios and improving the quality of care for injured people.

Emergency medical simulators - OpenMedis offer:

Our online store offers a wide selection of high-quality emergency medical simulators. Below we present the most frequently selected models from our offer:
We encourage you to check out the full offer of emergency medical simulators on our website.

Application of emergency medical simulators:

  • equipment for medical facilities and university hospitals
  • equipment for laboratories at universities as demonstration and training equipment
  • training equipment during training and courses in the field of medical issues
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full offer of emergency medical simulators. Thanks to the wide range of our online store and the possibility of contact by phone and e-mail, you can easily assemble the appropriate set of medical devices and equipment that you need.
It is worth paying attention to medical surgical simulators and emergency medical rescue simulators, which, together with rescue phantoms, will create an ideal set to equip a research laboratory at a university.
If you have any questions or if the emergency medical simulator you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.
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