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Medical simulators / Surgical phantoms
Adventages: This simple new concept provides a useful means to demonstrate a trochar being inserted through the abdominal wall The skin pad will accept most trochars from a Verres type needle to a 12 mm ...
A professional, full-size phantom (torso + limbs) adjusted in shape and size to an average size of a 14-month-old baby designed for high fidelity pediatric cardiac and general surgery training (unlike other mannequins ...
The professional pediatric phantom designed for general surgery training in high fidelity conditions (unlike other manikins which only simulate basic physiology, this simulator "moves the surgical instruments"), ...
A heart simulator with a very detailed structure with a mechanism that causes the realistic movement of the human heartbeat. Intended for simulation and training of coronary aortic bypass and bypass grafting. The ...
A realistic simulator system for training procedures in the field of trauma surgery and orthodontic  It has characteristic anatomical operating points. Male head with articulated mouth, palate, tongue, oropharynx, ...

Medical simulators - Surgical phantoms

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