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Veterinary simulators / Rat
The Squeekums Rat manikin allows students, lab technicians, and handlers to learn how to confidently handle and safely manage lab rodents. The tail of this amazing rodent model can be conveniently detached and ...
We hope to contribute to a reduction in the number of experimental animals used, and is used as an alternative to animal experiments in medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary education and the education for ...
This rat skeleton specimen is used for visualisation and demonstration of a rodent skeleton. Skeleton of a real rat.. Firmly mounted on wooden base. Individual bones numbered. Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 x 5 x 6 ...
 This Set consits of a Rat SuturePad with a set of suturing instruments and three packages of non-sterile 4-0 practice suture. Instruments included in the Rat Kit: , 1 Brown Adson Tissue Forceps, 1 Sharp/Sharp ...
 This rat/mouse suture pad shows the first 5 layers of the abdominal wall of a rat or mouse. The layers form the epidermis, the subcutaneous layer, the first fascia layer the muscle layer and the second fascia ...
This 6-part life-size model is a valuable tool to study zoology, providing a realistic reproduction the anatomy of the rat. The ventral dissection exposes heart and lungs, liver, intestine, male and female genital ...

Veterinary simulators - Rat

Rat models are an excellent tool used at veterinary universities, as well as as equipment for hospitals and offices. Anatomical models of rats are very often used to decorate offices or lecture halls. Thanks to three-dimensional shapes, it is possible to discuss the exact structure of animals, their life functions and their impact on the ecosystem. Their realistic appearance and attention to reproduction of all elements allow them to be used for comparative anatomy and other research. In our online store we have complete rat models, skeletons, rat trainers and simulators.

Anatomy of rats:

Rats are small mammals whose structure is adapted to living in various environments. The body structure of the rat is quite stocky, the body length is from 18 to 30 cm, the body weight is from 180 to 900 g. The characteristic tail constitutes a significant part of this length. Rats have a large head and small, round eyes that have good vision in the dark. Rats' front teeth are constantly growing, so they must chew on objects to keep them at the proper length. What is also noteworthy is its long, hairless and scaly tail. It performs various functions, including: as an organ of balance, an organ of communication between other individuals in the herd and an organ of body cooling. The color of the back is usually brownish-gray, the belly is whitish with a greyish or yellowish tint. The animal is foot-like. The forelimb has three interdigital pads, while the hind limb has four plus two tarsal pads. Both pairs of limbs have five fingers, but the thumb of the forelimb is backward and lacks a finger pad. The prehensile fingers end in claws.
Their rapid reproduction and adaptability make rats widespread throughout the globe.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

Due to following market trends and the desire to reach as many recipients as possible, we try to include a variety of models in our offer, both complete and decomposed into parts, showing the external and internal anatomical structure, as well as sewing kits with simulated tissue. Below are some of them:
  • Rat phantom - has a detachable tail, intravenous access at the tail vein, and interchangeable ears, which allows students to use the ear marking procedure
  • The rat skeleton model is made of real bones and will be a great teaching aid for demonstration purposes.
We also have sets for learning sewing, a very interesting set with simulated rat tissue, the set includes tissue tweezers, sharp scissors, thread scissors and a needle holder, as well as simulated rat tissue.

Application of rat anatomical models:

  • education - an irreplaceable tool used at veterinary universities.
  • scientific research - allows you to present the physiology of the animal body and explain the mechanisms of conducting research.
  • decor of veterinary offices - anatomical models of animals perfectly diversify the appearance of veterinary offices and training rooms.
The anatomical models offered in our store are made of high-quality material, so they will last for years. They perfectly reflect both the external and internal anatomical structure of individual animals and more. Skeleton models make excellent teaching aids for demonstration purposes, sewing kits and cuticle pads provide an excellent training tool for learning to sew.
We also recommend surgical and veterinary simulators as well as injection trainers, which, combined with rat models, will create an ideal set for learning anatomy and physiology.
If a specific model is unavailable, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We believe that we can meet your expectations and help you obtain the perfect tools to improve your learning. We also have custom-made models. Please contact us.
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