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Veterinary simulators / Fishes
This fish skeleton specimen consists of 100% real bones to make even the smallest of details easily recognisable. Model of a carp Individual fish bones are numbered for easy ...

Veterinary simulators - Fishes

Fish models are an invaluable teaching tool that is widely used not only at veterinary universities, but also in secondary schools. These anatomical models also have practical applications in veterinary offices and training rooms, supporting the acquisition of necessary skills. Thanks to their three-dimensional shape and realistic appearance, students can better understand the structure of fish and the processes related to the anatomy and physiology of these animals. Teaching models offer a unique opportunity to explore and understand the structure of these fascinating creatures in the context of veterinary science and practice.

Fish anatomical structure:

The skeleton of fish is made of bony cartilages or cartilaginous cartilages. It includes the skull, spine, ribs, fin skeleton and belt skeleton. Also characteristic of bony fish are intermuscular ossifications, the so-called bones.
When looking at a fish from the outside, its body can be divided into a head, body and tail. The head contains a mouth, a pair of eyes and the outer part of the gills. The fish's fins are attached to its body and tail: paired pelvic and pectoral fins and unpaired dorsal, anal and caudal fins.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

In line with current market trends and striving to reach the widest possible group of customers, we present a diverse range of anatomical models. Examples of fish models are presented below:
  • Fish skeleton model - an excellent teaching aid, used for demonstration purposes. It is made on a scale of 1:1 and is made of 100% real bone elements.
Our models perfectly reflect the appearance of fish, allowing teachers and lecturers to present to students the characteristic features of these animals.

Application of fish anatomical models:

  • Education - thanks to anatomical models of fish, students have a more complete understanding of their external and internal structure. They allow for a better understanding of the skeletal system, internal organs and other anatomical structures.
  • Scientific research - allows you to present the physiology of the fish body and explain the mechanisms of conducting research. Additionally, the models are particularly suitable for studying the structure of bony fish.
  • Training - Veterinary students can use fish anatomical models to learn how to diagnose and treat fish diseases, as well as to understand their internal structure.
  • Veterinary practice - fish models can be used to quickly and better understand fish health problems and are helpful during surgical procedures.
  • Interior design - anatomical models of fish diversify the appearance of veterinary offices and lecture halls.
The anatomical models presented in the OpenMedis online store are made of high-quality material, so they will last for years. They perfectly reflect both the external and internal anatomical structure of individual fish. Skeleton models are an excellent teaching aid for scientific purposes.
We also recommend bird models, which, combined with fish models, will create an ideal set for learning anatomy and physiology.
If you have any questions or the fish model you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We can make models to order.
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