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Veterinary simulators / Zoology - Miscellaneous
Artificial blood powder supplied with a plastic container. Soluble in water. ...
This unique and true to life skull model was gain through extremely high resolution CT-Scans (Micro-CT) files and is manufactured in 3D printing. With physiological occlusion and a working jaw joint. The skull shows ...
This guinea pig skeleton specimen provides a detailed representation of the skeletal structure of a guinea pig. Life-size guinea pig skeleton specimen. Incl. plastic protective encasing for transport. Firmly ...
Enables training of injection skills in adult rhesus monkeys. Integrated hip joint allows simulation of handling and fixation of the thigh. A blood draw and injection into a femoral vein can realistically be done on the ...
Complete frame, ready for assembly. Dimensions after folding: Height: 140 cm Width: 30 cm Length: 105 cm Weight: 5 kg ...
Complete frame, ready for assembly Dimensions after folding: Height 85 cm Width 25 cm Length 110 cm Weight 5 kg ...
Complete frame, ready for assembly Approximate dimensions after folding: Height 30 cm Width 12 cm Length 50 cm Weight 1 kg ...
Complete frame, ready for assembly. Approximate dimensions after folding: Height 30 cm Width 15 cm Length 60 cm Weight 2 kg ...
The Cystocentesis model simulates a small animal abdominal wall and bladder to provide a realistic platform to develop and refine skills without requiring a live animal. Able to be used in conjunction with an ...
Train on venipuncture and vascular access skills in life-like scenarios with no harm to participants with the . Designed to fit most dogs, cats, and manikins, the sleeve is secured by the hook and loop tabs above and ...
Train laceration repair and suturing on a live participant. Designed to fit most small animals and manikins, the sleeve is secured by the hook and loop tabs above and below SurgiReal‘s simulated RealLayer tissue pad. ...
 High quality skull reproduction.  The adventages: 2 part model,  lower jaw removable.  Skull length appr. 5,3cm. ...
 High quality skull reproduction.  Skull length appr. 1,5cm. ...
Comparative model of the lungs of a dog, cow, horse, pig. The model is made of hard material. They show the general anatomy of the lungs of animals. ...
Comparative model of liver structure of livestock. The individual models are made of hard material to a smaller size. ...

Veterinary simulators - Zoology - Miscellaneous

Various zoological models are irreplaceable tools used in education, scientific research and veterinary practice. They are perfect for primary and secondary schools as well as veterinary universities. They offer a visual and realistic representation of the anatomical structure of various types of animals and allow for the training of veterinary skills. In our online store we have various models imitating whole animals, their bones or individual tissues.

Zoology - various:

The unique collection of zoological models includes a variety of educational tools that do not fit into the conventional categories on our website. The models provide comprehensive support during learning and practice in the field of zoology and veterinary medicine:
Artificial Blood Powder:
The specially developed artificial blood powder is an excellent tool for simulating various clinical situations, enabling realistic training in first aid and laboratory tests.
Models of skulls and entire animal skeletons:
Our anatomical models include skulls and skeletons of various animal species, enabling detailed analysis of bone and anatomical structure. Our offer includes models that very precisely imitate anatomical structures. In this subcategory you will find models of animals such as hedgehogs, Patagonian maras and many others.
Cystocentesis simulator:
This simulator allows you to practice bladder sampling techniques, supporting the learning of veterinary diagnostics.
Veterinary Vascular Access Sleeve:
A special sleeve allows you to train and improve your vascular access skills, which is important in veterinary practice.
Sleeve for learning how to suture wounds:
This model allows for practice in wound suturing, providing veterinary students with hands-on experience in surgical techniques.
Comparative model of horse, cow, pig, dog lungs:
Comparative models of the lungs of different animals enable the analysis of differences in the anatomical structure of the respiratory system.
Comparative model of the liver structure of pigs, cattle and horses:
This model allows for a comparative analysis of liver structure in different animal species, supporting the understanding of the anatomy and function of this key organ.
Our zoological models are made of durable materials that reproduce real anatomical conditions, which facilitates effective learning and improvement of skills. Thanks to the diversity of the offer, our users have the opportunity to adapt their education to different needs, which is a key element in developing competences in the field of zoology and veterinary medicine.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

Due to following market trends and the desire to reach as many customers as possible, we try to include a variety of pet models in our assortment. Below are some of them:
Our models are made of the best and most durable materials. They allow for realistic recreation of the structure of animal tissues and skill training.

Zoology - various - application:

  • Education – excellent tools used both at veterinary universities and in primary and secondary schools.
  • Scientific research - allows you to present the physiology of the animal body and explain the mechanisms of conducting research.
  • Lectures, conferences - ideal for various types of fairs, lectures and conferences.
  • Decoration - excellent equipment for veterinary offices and clinics as well as lecture halls
Veterinary models are made of very durable materials and properly secured during transport.
We also recommend taking a look at the offer of sewing trainers and veterinary surgical simulators, which, combined with zoological models from this subcategory, will create an ideal set for improving veterinary skills.
If you have any questions or if the veterinary model you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We can produce models to order.
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