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Veterinary simulators / Birds
This pigeon skeleton specimen visualises the detailed anatomical structure of the bird. Skeleton from a real pigeon on wooden base, consists numbered bones. Dimensions (L x H x W): 14 x 10 x 15 cm, Incl. ...
The chicken skeleton from HeineScientific consists of real bones to show the most authentic representation of the skeletal structure of a domestic chicken. Skeleton of a domestic chicken made from real bone. Firmly ...
Didactic model of a house hen on the basis, made in 1: 1 scale. Intended for educational purposes for students. It has the ability to divide into 8 separate parts of the body and organs. The model presents the muscular ...
This bird (parrot) model is an anatomically correct model for practicing bandaging techniques. Main Features: The bird has a humerus, radius, ulna, metacarpus, and phalanx with attached primary, secondary, and ...
 High quality skull reproduction. Skull length appr. 12cm. ...
High quality skull reproduction.  Skull length appr. 11cm. ...
 High quality skull reproduction.  The adventages: 2part model,  lower jaw removable.  Skull length appr. 14cm. ...
The is an anatomically correct model for practising bandaging techniques to reduce pain and stabilise fractures.   The macaw has humerus, radius, ulna, metacarpus and phalanx bones with primary, secondary and ...
The is an anatomically correct model for practising bandaging techniques to reduce pain and stabilise fractures.   The cockatoo has humerus, radius, ulna, metacarpus and phalanx bones with primary, secondary and ...

Veterinary simulators - Birds

Bird models are an excellent tool for students of secondary schools with a nature profile and students of veterinary universities. Thanks to their realistic appearance and three-dimensional shapes, these models can be an aesthetic decoration of veterinary offices and training rooms. By being able to disassemble them into parts, students have the opportunity to thoroughly analyze both the internal and external structure of birds. In our online store, we offer both fully plastic bird models, as well as skeletons, skulls and bandaging training models that can be used by future veterinarians to improve bandaging techniques to relieve pain and stabilize fractures in birds.

Anatomical structure of birds:

The bird's body is streamlined, consisting of a head, neck, trunk, wings and lower limbs. The forelimbs are transformed into wings. The skull connects to the spine at one occipital condyle and the first two cervical vertebrae, which gives the head great mobility. The bird's bones are pneumatized, the perineum bone is massive, which provides support for the wing bones. The feathers covering the bird's body serve for thermal insulation, the birds' beaks are diverse, they can be used for chipping wood, drinking nectars or straining food from water, but above all, they reduce air resistance during flight.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

In order to reach as many customers as possible, we follow the latest market trends and equip our store with a variety of models, complete but also divided into individual parts, which present the anatomical external structure of birds and models of skeletons and skulls:
  • Worth attention is the didactic model of a domestic hen, in which one half presents the external structure of the bird and the other half presents the internal structure. The didactic model is divided into eight separate bodies. This product will be an ideal tool in the hands of a future veterinarian.
  • A cockatoo bandaging model with flexible silicone that connects the wing bones to the body will be used to practice bandaging techniques to reduce pain and stabilize fractures.
The models available in the OpenMedis online store perfectly reflect the appearance of birds, their three-dimensional shape and allow for a thorough analysis of the anatomical structure of a given species. In our store we also have anatomical models of reptiles, fish, amphibians and other animals, as well as anatomical models of human.

Application of bird anatomical models:

  • Education - irreplaceable teaching aid in secondary schools specializing in natural sciences, as well as in veterinary universities.
  • Scientific research - practical scientific assistance for future breeders, zootechnicians, veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
  • Interior decoration - realistic-looking bird models will diversify the appearance of offices, clinics or training rooms.
The anatomical models offered in our online store are made of high-quality material, so they will serve you for many years. Their realistic appearance and perfect reproduction will be an excellent teaching aid. Models made of elements representing internal organs are an irreplaceable tool for educational purposes, while skeleton models will be a beautiful decoration in veterinary offices.
In addition, our store also offers anatomical models of other animals, such as fish models and dog models, which can be combined with bird models to create an ideal set for learning anatomy and physiology.
If a given model is unavailable, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will make every effort to meet your expectations and help you obtain the perfect tool to improve your learning. We also have custom-made models. Please contact us.
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