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Anatomical Table 3D / Vet virtual anatomy table
 A digital, mobile platform on wheels for teaching animal anatomy. The veterinary anatomical table is an innovative, interactive and holistic approach to veterinary education. Equipped with the most popular images ...

Anatomical Table 3D - Vet virtual anatomy table

Interactive anatomical tables are an innovative educational solution that enables the visualization of organs and systems in order to improve the quality of education of future specialists, such as doctors, physiotherapists, rescuers and veterinarians. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, anatomical tables become an irreplaceable educational tool, allowing for a more engaging and effective acquisition of anatomical knowledge. The 3D anatomical platform on these tables becomes an excellent virtual learning environment for students from various medical-related fields. Access to an extensive library with real medical cases allows schools and universities to use the latest knowledge resources. Students can not only collaborate with each other, but also learn about cases from other institutions that also have similar 3D anatomical tables. Moreover, these tables offer intuitive use, enabling interesting group activities, adding descriptions, creating new scenarios and organizing quizzes and competitions.

Anatomical tables - application:

Interactive anatomical tables are advanced devices equipped with a touch screen and special software enabling an interactive journey through anatomical structures. Thanks to three-dimensional visualization and the ability to zoom and rotate models, users gain enormous opportunities to accurately view the human body and its internal structures. Additionally, some tables are equipped with a sound system, which makes learning anatomy even more interesting.
Interactive anatomical tables have found their interest mainly in the area of medical education, training for medical staff and biology teaching programs. Students of medicine and other medical-related fields and veterinary medicine use anatomical tables during both theoretical and practical classes. They make it easier to understand the physiological and anatomical changes taking place in patients' bodies. Interactive anatomical tables are very often used in the education of future surgeons, enabling extremely precise familiarization with anatomy before entering the operating room and with possible scenarios of a given operation.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

The anatomical tables in our offer are some of the most advanced devices in the world. Universities and schools that decided to purchase such an anatomical table are delighted with its possibilities, and students received an additional element of education, thanks to which their knowledge significantly expands.
  • Virtual veterinary anatomy platform (VET)
A digital, mobile platform on wheels for teaching animal anatomy. The veterinary anatomical table is an innovative, interactive and holistic approach to veterinary education. Featuring the world's most versatile animal cadavers - dog, cat, cow, horse pig, sheep and more. The product offers the ability to visualize animal organisms, starting from the outermost integuments, through all systems and organs, to the skeleton in virtual conditions.
In addition to detailed, segmented animal anatomy, the table also contains a diverse library of animal cases. By combining photorealistic 3D visualization with content on proper anatomy, the virtual veterinary table aims to improve the learning outcomes of veterinary students and Veterinary Technical School students, while setting technological standards for the institution.
Advantages of the digital anatomy table for veterinary anatomy:
  • ENRICHED PATHOLOGY IMAGE LIBRARY - The platform includes a diverse anatomical case library with 285 animal cases and pathology reports.
  • 3D visual realism - the platform contains three-dimensional animal bodies - including the most detailed dog cadavers in the world - that make it easier to learn and understand dog anatomy and the functions of individual systems.
  • Accurate Representation - Unlike physical animal cadavers, virtual animal bodies are reconstructed from real animal data, allowing for correct visualization of anatomy during dissection.
  • Diverse Anatomical Content - A diverse case library consisting of comparative study cases with synchronized multi-case dissections. Students can learn to identify anatomical differences.
  • PHOTO-REALISTIC ANIMAL ANATOMY - Featuring animal bodies from real tissues, the platform offers an unprecedented educational experience for those who want to interact with real animal cadavers in a chemical-free, technology-inspired space.
  • Simulation of surgical cuts and identification of specific structures
We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our offer of human anatomical models and veterinary models, which, thanks to their three-dimensional structure, will be a perfect complement to the set for learning anatomy and physiology.
If you have any questions or have not found a suitable anatomical table in the store, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. We are convinced that together we will find a solution and provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. Our goal is to meet your educational needs in a fully professional manner.
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