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Anatomical Models / Muscle models
A high-quality, life-size model of the upper limb muscles. It has 6 separate elements, such as: Palmar aponeurosis (palm prolongation) Brachioradial muscle with radial extensor muscle (wrist radiator and ...
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This sophisticated human muscular model shows the deep and superficial musculature in great detail. The extraordinary accuracy of the human muscular system makes this masterpiece a unique tool for instructions even ...
This muscle torso is designed to meet your high demands by showing the deep and superficial muscles in great anatomical detail. With the muscle torsos extraordinary accuracy and life size presence, this muscular ...
This 30 part muscular figure is about 2/3 life size and includes a 6part muscular arm and a 8part muscular leg. The removable parts include skull cap, brain (3 parts), lung halves, 2part heart, trachea, oesophagus, ...
This muscular figure has extraordinary fine structures and a very detailed painting. On one side it shows the superficial musculature, on the other side the deep muscles. Both arms are detachable. Important ...
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A life-size model of the human lower limb muscle. It has 12 demountable elements. It presents superficial and deep muscles, blood vessels, nerves and ligaments. It is possible to divide the model into the following ...
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An invaluable tool for physicians who wish to discuss back pain with their patients, this back muscle model is designed for interaction and education. Soft and flexible, the superficial and intermediate muscle layers ...
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This 1/2 life size high quality model represents a replica of the complete human muscular and organs anatomy. It illustrates with excellent detail the superficial and deeper muscles, tendons, ligaments, vessels and ...
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Anatomical Models - Muscle models

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