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Anatomical Models / Pregnacy/ sexusal system models
This life size 4 part model is dissected through the median sagittal plane and provides excellent views of external and internal structures. The removable parts include two halves of the penis, showing medial and ...
This life size model depicts the female human pelvis in median section with a fetus in the 32nd week of pregnancy. The fetus is in the normal presentation and position. The model depicts graphically the position and ...
Life size model of an uterus with multiple diseases. It shows endometriosis, cysts, adhesions, fibroma, cervical carcinoma, sarcoma, adenomyosis, polyps and salpingitis. Of course normal anatomy is also represented. ...
This life size model, composed of 4 parts, is a detailed representation of the female reproductive system as viewed through a median sagittal dissection. Removable parts include a 2-part uterus and two halves of the ...
This life size model is median sagittal sectioned and shows the male pelvis in 4 parts. Additional to muscles and vessels of the abdomen it depicts particularly the urogenital organs. Removable are one half of the ...
This life size model is median sagittal sectioned and shows the female pelvis in 3 parts. Additional to muscles and vessels of the abdomen it depicts particularly the urogenital organs. Removable are one half of the ...
Life size model of a healthy uterus. Anatomy is shown in detail, structures are carefully painted by hand. Cervix, endocervical canal, uterine cavity are sectioned to show endometrium and myomterium. Also one ...
This model in about halflife size schows a sagittal section of a male pelvis. The base shows four cross sections of the prostate gland. One cross section shows a helathy prostate, the others show three stages of ...
This series was developed in co-operation with a German midwifery school and is composed of 8 life-size models and one enlarged model. It illustrates the human development from the 4th week to the 24th week. All the ...
This model, about 40 time life size, shows structural details of a human embryo at 4 weeks of development. ...
This model shows the medial and sagittal section of the human testis including epididymis, ductus deferens, seminiferous tubules and the rete testis. Mounted on stand. Size: 11 x 11 x 26 cm, weight: 0.3 kg ...
This 2part, 5times life size model shows the anatomy of the human fallopian tube and ovary. The follicles are shown at different stages of maturation, from the primary follicle to the corpus albicans. A primary ...
This model shows the fetal development from the unfertilized egg to the stage of development at the ninth month. The model consists of five parts mounted on a board. The following stages are shown: ovulation, ...
All vulva models are real organs of real women. Detailed and surprisingly authentic castings show the smallest wrinkles, and in some castings even the opening of the urethra and vagina. The differences between the inner ...
With foetus doll, umbilical cord, and placenta. Natural casting of a female pelvis with life-size foetus doll made of cloth (plastic head). Comes in carrying bag. ...
Life-size fetus doll made of fabric (head made of plastic) with placenta. ...
Life-size fetal doll made of fabric (head made of plastic) without placenta. ...
Miniature pelvis with mini fetal doll. In a transport bag. ...
This model shows the cyclical changes in a woman's hormonal balance and their effect on the uterus (the cause of menstruation). Model mounted on the base plate. Dimensions: 53 x 38 x 5 cm, weight: approx.1.7 kg ...

Anatomical Models - Pregnacy/ sexusal system models

Models of the reproductive system and pregnancy are an extremely important element of every doctor's, physiotherapeutic, osteopathic and medical clinic. They are used in medical education, teaching anatomy, biology and for demonstration purposes. In addition, such anatomical models can be used as a decorative element of the office. Anatomical models of the reproductive system and pregnancy accelerate the process of learning through 3D visualization and the ability to disassemble into individual components. In our online store OpenMedis, we offer anatomical models of the male and female reproductive systems and pregnancy models. Each model of the reproductive system and pregnancy has been created with great accuracy and resembles real anatomical structures beyond all measure.

Anatomical structure of the genital system:

The male reproductive system consists of internal organs that are responsible for the production and transport of sperm. The penis, which is the external part of the male reproductive system, serves both the urinary and reproductive functions. Testicles are located inside a man's body. They produce sex hormones and sperm. The testicles are located in the scrotum. The maturing spermatozoa are transported from the testicles to the semen-secreting glands via the vas deferens. The prostate gland and seminal vesicles are responsible for the production of semen (in conjunction with sperm).
The female reproductive system enables the development, maintenance of pregnancy and the production of hormones. The most important structures of this system are: uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and vagina. The uterus is the organ where the fetus develops during pregnancy. The ovaries, on the other hand, are small, oval structures that are located on either side of the uterus. Their task is to produce eggs and sex hormones. The ovaries are connected to the uterus by the fallopian tubes. Their function is to capture the egg and transport it to the uterus. It is in the fallopian tube that the fertilization of the egg and sperm takes place. The vagina is connected to the uterus by the cervix and is the place where the penis can be inserted during sexual intercourse.

Functions of the human reproductive system:

  • The reproductive system performs many important functions. Here are a few of them:
  • Production of reproductive cells - they are necessary for the reproduction process. In men, the testes produce sperm and in women, the ovaries produce eggs.
  • Ensuring fertility - the sexual system ensures the possibility of reproduction and gene transfer.
  • Production of sex hormones – in men, the testes produce testosterone, and in women, the ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone.
  • Maintaining secondary sex characteristics – in men, secondary sex characteristics include: deep voice, beard and body hair, and in women these include developed breasts and differences in body structure.
  • Maintaining hormonal balance - these hormones affect many physiological processes in our bodies, such as bone development, regulation of temperature, mood, etc.
  • Sexuality and Intimacy - The genitals contain sensory cells that give us pleasure during sexual activity.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

Due to the richness of various anatomical structures and complex structure, anatomical models are helpful in education in the field of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the reproductive system. We offer a large number of various anatomical models of the reproductive system and pregnancy. Below is a list of the most popular products:
  • Models of the genital system - we have a large selection of anatomical models showing the male and female reproductive organs in the sagittal plane, both in natural size and reduced. In addition, we offer anatomical models of individual elements of the reproductive system, e.g. ovary, uterus.
  • Pregnancy models - teaching aids showing the pelvis and internal structures during pregnancy and the changes taking place in them. In addition, we also have anatomical models of the embryo in various stages of development and bone pelvises with dolls simulating a newborn/fetus for delivery demonstrations.
  • Models of the genital system / pregnancy - various - in this category you can find various teaching aids related to this field of science. Our offer includes, among others: a model of the uterus with diseases, models of the vulva, a model of cyclical changes in hormonal balance and the uterine mucosa.
Application of genital and pregnancy models:
  • Medical education – anatomical models are an excellent tool used to educate medical students and other medical professionals. They allow for a quick visualization of the structure and function of reproductive organs, developmental processes and anatomical changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. Models of the genital system and pregnancy are most often used during theoretical, demonstration and practical classes.
  • Preparatory courses for childbirth, childbirth classes, urogynaecological offices - models of the reproductive system and pregnancy are ideal tool used to educate future parents. They help to understand the changes that occur in a woman's body during pregnancy and to understand what the different stages of labor will look like.
  • Medical consultations - teaching aids from our offer are very often used in doctor's and physiotherapy offices. They allow the patient to visualize various aspects related to sexual health, the functioning of reproductive organs and the development of pregnancy. This is an extremely helpful element in educating patients.
  • Office decor - anatomical models are great as a professional element of any office decor.
  • Equipment for the anatomy laboratory of Medical Universities and Universities with medical faculties.
Our anatomical models of the reproductive system and pregnancy are made with full attention to detail. They allow for accurate depiction of real organs and developmental processes. They provide support for education, research and health practice.
We also recommend models of the skull, pelvis and urinary system models, which in combination with anatomical models of the reproductive system and pregnancy will create an ideal set for learning anatomy.
If you have any questions or if the genital and pregnancy model you need is not available in the store, please contact us by e-mail or contact phone. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We have the ability to produce models on request.
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