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Anatomical Models / Miscellaneous anatomical models
Product information: Use this model of the face musculature  to easily demonstrate causes of temporomandibular disorders and other dysfunctional disturbances of the TMJ and masticatory muscles. The ...
Product information: The model simulates the correct and incorrect way of lifting weights for the spine. Ideally suited for demonstration purposes in cabinet conditions. Size: 23 x 15 x 15 cm ...
Product information: Four piece model indicating structures and organs with vascular effects due to diabetes. Includes sectioned model of Bowman‘s capsule (kidney), artery, nerve, eye (posterior section). Full ...
Product information: Depicting a fragment of compact bone about the size of a pinhead magnified approximately 500 times, this model shows one complete haversian system and a portion of two others in cross-section. ...
Product information: The prepared microscope slide set contains a complete catalogue of human tissue types. The slides show the typical physiological appearance of various tissues, such as the squamous epithelium, ...

Anatomical Models - Miscellaneous anatomical models

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