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Anatomical Models / Breast models
Cross section of a female breast in life size with multiple diseases. The model shows IBC, precancerosis, ILC, IDC, Paget‘s disease, fibroadenoma, pseudo lump, mastopathy and cysts. The model also shows normal ...

Anatomical Models - Breast models

Breast anatomical models are excellent educational tools that help you understand the complex anatomy of the breast and important aspects related to diagnosis and health care. Breast models are an ideal solution for all those who are interested in breast health, medical education and are specialists working in the field of mammology. Our models are mainly used during the education process in primary schools, secondary schools and universities. Additionally, specialists support them during visits with patients. Visualizing internal structures speeds up the process of understanding the physiological processes occurring in these structures. Each breast model was produced with great care and has all the details of the anatomical structure.

Anatomical structure of the breast:

Breasts are an important element of women's anatomical structure.
  • Glandular tissue - in the breast it presents itself in the form of mammary glands and milk ducts. It is mainly responsible for milk production during lactation.
  • Milk ducts - are thin tubes that are responsible for transporting milk from the mammary glands to the nipple.
  • Adipose tissue - constitutes most of the breast filling. This tissue is located around the glandular tissue. It gives the breasts shape.
  • Nipples - these are protrusions located on the surface of the breast. The nipples have numerous small openings in the milk ducts. From this place, the baby sucks the breast and obtains milk during feeding.
  • Lymphatic and blood vessels - the breasts are very richly vascularized. They have a network of lymphatic vessels that are responsible for removing waste products from this area.
The shape of the breasts varies between women and also changes individually in response to hormonal changes in women.

Breast functions:

  • Lactation - production and secretion of milk during lactation. Milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies important for the child's nutrition and immunity.
  • Feeding - while feeding, the baby clings to the nipple and sucks the mother's milk.
  • Hormones - breasts are the site of action of hormones such as: estrogens, progesterone and prolactin. They influence the growth and development of breasts throughout women's lives.

What does the OpenMedis online store offer?

Anatomical models are an extremely helpful element during the education process about the structure, physiology and pathology of the breast.
Our offer includes:
  • Cross-sectional model of breasts with diseases - it is a didactic model of the breast that shows a cross-section of the female mammary gland with various diseases. Additionally, the model shows the correct and accurate anatomical structure of the nipple along with the muscle layers and ribs. The model is placed on a removable base. The set also includes an educational card with the classification of breast cancer.
The model is made of high-quality materials that reflect real breast structures.
Application of breast models:
Anatomical breast models are widely used in the fields of medicine and education.
Here are some of their main uses:
  • Medical education - breast models are used at medical universities and courses to teach students and medical professionals as much as possible about breast anatomy and possible diseases occurring in these structures.
  • Breast self-examination training - these models are a very appreciated aid during educational campaigns and training on breast self-examination. In order to detect breast cancer early, women are taught proper self-examination techniques.
  • Preventive campaigns - breast teaching models are very often used during such events. They aim to raise awareness about breast health, self-examination and the importance of regular mammograms.
The anatomical breast models available in our store are made with full attention to detail and aesthetics. With their help, learning anatomy, physiology and pathology becomes easier to learn.
Additionally, we also recommend a model of the female pelvic floor muscles and a model of the female pelvis, which together with the breast model will create an ideal set for learning anatomy.
If you have any questions or the breast model you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We can produce models to order.
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