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Anatomical Models / Anatomical model of the tongue
 This tongue model shows the lower jaw up to the second molar, the tongue with mouth floor musculature in median section and the right sublingual and submandibular gland. ...
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The model shows a life-size tongue with palatine tonsils, epiglottis and muscles. In addition, a fragment of tongue tissue is shown approximately twenty times (you can see: taste buds, mucous and salivary glands, crypts ...

Anatomical Models - Anatomical model of the tongue

The tongue is a sense organ responsible for the sense of taste and articulation of speech. It is a muscle located in the mouth. It has an apex, a shaft, a base, a spine, a lower surface and two lateral edges. The muscles of the tongue are divided into the so-called own - the superior and inferior longitudinal muscles, the transverse and vertical muscles of the tongue and external muscles, e.g. the hyoid-glossus muscle and the styloglossus muscle. Due to its complex anatomical structure, anatomical models that graphically present the language and the structures surrounding it may be helpful during education.
Anatomical models of the human tongue are ideal teaching aids for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about the anatomical structure of the mouth and throat. Using different colors to paint individual elements makes it easier to learn the topography of anatomical structures and the mutual relations between them. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and advanced production methods, human tongue models are characterized by high durability and precision. Our assortment includes both models of the entire tongue and models of tongue tissues. Depending on the type, anatomical models of the human tongue show superficial structures and the anatomical structure of the oral cavity, while others present the structure of the muscle tissue of the tongue, the course of blood vessels and nerves in the oral cavity. Some anatomical models of the tongue can be broken down into individual elements, which makes learning anatomy much more attractive and easier.
The anatomical model of the human tongue is ideal for learning anatomy at home and during seminars conducted at universities and medical schools. Based on radiological data, a series of models faithfully reflecting the human body were created. These advanced teaching aids are the equipment of anatomy laboratories of many Medical Universities in Poland. This is a modern solution used in many countries around the world.

Advantages of anatomical models of the tongue:

  • Accuracy of workmanship (hand-finished)
  • Durability (made of the highest quality materials)
  • Learning proper anatomy
  • Learning the topography of anatomical structures and the mutual relations between them

Application of the language model:

  • Equipment of the anatomy laboratory
  • Learning the anatomy of the oral cavity
  • The anatomical model can be used to demonstrate the structure of the human tongue and its pathology - to patients in an office setting
  • As a teaching aid during postgraduate training for doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other medical professions.
The anatomical models of the tongue offered by our store are made of high-quality materials, detailed and durable. Thanks to their realistic structure, they enable effective learning and construction demonstration. Our anatomical models are aimed at students, doctors and medical specialists and are a perfect complement to all educational and research needs.
We also recommend skull models and head models, which, combined with anatomical models of the tongue, will create an ideal set for learning anatomy.
If you have any questions or if the language model you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. We are sure that together we will be able to provide the necessary materials for learning and improving skills. We can produce custom models with individual specifications.
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