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Anatomical Models / Anatomical model of the tongue
This tongue model shows the lower jaw up to the second molar, the tongue with mouth floor musculature in median section and the right sublingual and submandibular gland. Tongue on removable base. ...
The model shows a life-size tongue with palatine tonsils, epiglottis and muscles. In addition, a fragment of tongue tissue is shown approximately twenty times (you can see: taste buds, mucous and salivary glands, crypts ...

Anatomical Models - Anatomical model of the tongue

Anatomical models of the human tongue are high-quality teaching aids for everyone who wants to learn more about the anatomical structure of the oral cavity and pharynx. The use of different colors to paint individual elements makes it easier to learn the topography of anatomical structures and the mutual relationships between them. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and advanced production methods, the models of the human tongue are characterized by high durability and accuracy. Our assortment includes both models of the entire tongue and its tissues. Depending on the type, anatomical models of the human tongue show superficial structures and present the anatomical structure of the oral cavity, while others present the structure of the muscular tissue of the tongue, the course of blood vessels and nerves in the oral cavity. Some anatomical models of the tongue can be broken down into individual elements, which significantly makes learning anatomy more attractive and easier.

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