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Veterinary / Sheep
A model of a sheep on the base, approx. 2/3 natural size.  The model is installed on a base with wheels, and can be divided in two parts along its sagittal plane. The right part shows the outer part of the ...
A 1: 3 scale detailed model of a sheep stomach. It consists of 2 parts that can be separated to show the internal structure. Application: Learning the anatomical structure of a sheep's stomach veterinary ...
This sheep skeleton specimen is suited for visualising the anatomical structures of a sheep and the individual bones are numbered for accurate identification. Real skeleton of a sheep Firmly ...
Didactic model of a sheep on the base, reduced by about 2 times. Intended for educational purposes for students. It has the ability to divide into 11 separate parts of the body and organs. The model presents the ...
A model of a sheep's skull made on a 1: 1 scale. It has been developed on the basis of scans of real bovine skulls together with veterinary teachers, in that it contains the most important anatomical structures needed ...
High quality skull reproduction. 2part model, lower jaw removable. Skull length appr. 23cm. Delivery time: 14-21 workdays.   ...
Complete frame, ready for assembly Approximate dimensions after folding: Height 85 cm Width 25 cm Length 110 cm Weight 4 kg ...
High quality skull reproduction. 2part model, lower jaw removable. Skull length appr. 29 cm, Horn width appr. 60 cm, individual horns 97 cm and 98 cm long. Horns supplied losely. ...

Veterinary - Sheep

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