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The best anatomical models

Anatomical models

Anatomical models for learning anatomy

Anatomical models are all kinds of teaching aids that show the structure of individual organs, organs or entire systems of organisms and help to understand their functioning and physiology. They are designed to facilitate learning by accelerating the education process. Our offer includes very precisely made anatomical models. Thanks to a special production technique, they present in detail most of the anatomical structures and details important from the point of view of education. Some of them are natural casts of human bones and organs. Anatomical models are perfect equipment for anatomical, biological and natural laboratories. They are ideal as teaching aids for medical students, doctors, manual therapists, osteopaths or students in primary and secondary schools. They can also serve as educational aid for patients in office conditions. Thanks to anatomical models, it is possible to explain to patients the essence of a given problem or therapeutic process.

Anatomical models - division

1) Due to the precision of workmanship, anatomical models can be divided as follows:

  • conventional - low and medium fidelity, showing in a pictorial and schematic way the structure of organs, organs and systems
  • unconventional - high fidelity, showing in detail the structure of individual anatomical structures and the exact routes of nerves and blood vessels (e.g. 3D anatomical models)  

2) Due to the type of presented structures: Models showing the correct anatomy Anatomical models presenting various pathologies and diseases

Our offer of anatomical models:

The wide range of OpenMedis includes e.g. skeletal anatomical models. These are models of the skull, individual bones, limbs, spine, pelvis and entire human skeletons. We also have a very extensive offer of teaching aids presenting organs, organs and entire systems of organisms. We value quality, durability, precision of workmanship and satisfaction of our customers. We cooperate with experienced and world-renowned manufacturers of anatomical models -  the leaders of this type of solutions on the global market.

Advantages of anatomical models

Anatomical models available in the OpenMedis offer present the structure and function of individual organs and systems. Thanks to the precise workmanship, they facilitate the study of anatomy, thanks to which the education process becomes even more effective. Functional design solutions allow to explain the essential operation of a given anatomical structure. Anatomical models are made entirely of artificial material, so they do not require special storage conditions. High quality, precision and durability are the features of teaching aids available in the OpenMedis offer.

Anatomical models - application
  • learning anatomy
  • science of biology
  • learning the topography of organs and their mutual relations
  • anatomy lab equipment equipment
  • for biological and natural laboratories of schools, technicians, universities, medical offices
  • teaching aid for students of medical faculties
  • an educational tool for patients in office conditions
Anatomical models - study anatomy

Validation studies and observations conducted by academic teachers have shown that the use of anatomical models in the practical learning of anatomy significantly affects the education process, accelerating the achievement of the assumed learning outcomes. Anatomical models used by students help to understand the topography of given structures - crucial during the first stages of learning anatomy.


Openmedis - recommended categories

The best anatomical and animal models

A wide range of anatomical models tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. We offer products made with the highest precision and detailed anatomical reproduction. Our offer includes:

  • Bone models: human skeleton model, upper and lower limb skeleton, skull model.
  • Muscle anatomy models: limb muscle models, torso muscle model, muscle figure
  • Anatomical Models of human body systems: model of the circulatory system, model of the respiratory system
  • Anatomical Models of organs and organs: liver model, stomach model, lung model, kidney model.
  • High-fidelity models in the form of 3D prints.

Professional animal models

Animal anatomy models available in our offer are high-quality teaching aids, dedicated to students of veterinary technicians, all agricultural specializations, as well as university students, academic teachers and veterinarians.  Our offer includes:

  • Pet Anatomy Models:
  • Dog Model,
  • Cat Model,
  • Rabbit Model
  • Anatomical models: cow model, pig model, sheep model, horse model Animal skeleton models (artificial and real): dog skeleton, cat skeleton, cow skeleton, horse skeleton, chicken skeleton, snake skeleton.
  • Animal organ models
  • Veterinary Simulators and phantoms in the field of teriogenology, animal breeding and reproduction.

Anatomical charts

Anatomical charts are a perfect complement to anatomical models. Together, they create an ideal didactic set, supporting learning.

They are also perfect for medical and physiotherapy offices.

OpenMedis offers dozens of boards showing not only the human body and its individual parts, but also the detailed anatomy of animals.

Our boards contain English, German and Latin nomenclature, and some are available in 3D.

Rehabilitation equipment

OpenMedis is also a  distributor of equipment for rehabilitation clinics.

Thanks to our suppliers, we are able to approach each client individually and ensure the best execution of his order.

We provide the highest quality equipment at affordable prices. Our assortment includes: Rehabilitation table with the possibility of selecting the specification function Physical therapy equipment: electrotherapy, ultrasound, shock wave, high energy laser Small kinesiotherapy equipment: fittings, mattresses, sensorimotor devices, products for stabilization training