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Medical Equipment / Rehabilitation tapes
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Medical Equipment - Rehabilitation tapes

Rehabilitation tapes are a key element of equipment in medical facilities, rehabilitation offices, hospitals, gyms and training rooms. They support the therapeutic process by providing the opportunity to perform resistance exercises. Rehabilitation tapes are used in many areas of rehabilitation and training because they are a versatile tool used in the process of rehabilitation and building training strength. Our offer includes modern, flexible resistance bands that are gaining recognition among both professionals and patients. OpenMedis' goal is to provide innovative, ergonomic, durable and effective therapeutic solutions that serve our clients and patients for many years.

Rehabilitation tapes:

Rehabilitation bands are not only versatile, but also exercise equipment available to everyone, enabling training of virtually every part of the body. Round and longitudinal exercise bands made of latex are simple but effective resistance exercise equipment. Exercise bands are used not only in training, but also in rehabilitation after injuries, stabilization training and general fitness training, thanks to a large range of exercises involving various parts of the body. Resistance bands are used in rehabilitation wards, exercise rooms, gymnasiums and gyms. This equipment is also very often used at home due to its compact structure, low price and low weight.
Types of rehabilitation tapes:
  • loop-shaped tapes - these tapes are characterized by a closed structure. They are located in the joints and limbs. They are available in various resistance levels, which allows you to gradually increase the intensity of specific movement tasks.
  • ankle straps - these straps have been specially designed to enable resistance exercises for the feet and ankles. Their flexibility allows you to perform a variety of movements, supporting both stabilization and improving the range of motion in the ankle joints.
  • classic, long resistance bands - they are flexible belts that can be easily adjusted to our needs. They allow you to adjust the length and resistance, so you can perform exercises for small and large muscle groups with one tape. This makes them ideal for performing a variety of full-body exercises, supporting the development of strength, stability and flexibility.
Application of rehabilitation tapes:
Resistance bands are used by both athletes and physiotherapists. Very often in gyms you can find a wide selection of rehabilitation tapes with different resistance options.
  • resistance and strength exercises - rehabilitation tapes allow you to gradually increase the resistance. This supports the development of muscle strength among trainees.
  • stabilization exercises - resistance bands can be used to strengthen and stimulate the structures responsible for joint stabilization. This is a very important process during the treatment of injuries.
To summarize, rehabilitation bands are a versatile tool that supports the rehabilitation process by providing controlled resistance during exercise. Their diversity allows them to be adapted to the specific needs of patients and trainees, which makes them irreplaceable in therapeutic programs and muscle strengthening in gyms.

Rehabilitation tapes - OpenMedis offer:

Our online store offers a wide selection of resistance bands. Below we present the most frequently selected rehabilitation tapes from our offer:
  • ankle rehabilitation tapes
  • rehabilitation tapes - 1.5 m
  • rehabilitation tapes - 2.5 m
  • rehabilitation tapes - 5.5 m
  • rehabilitation tapes - 22.5 m
  • rehabilitation tapes - 45.5 m
  • loop-shaped tapes 104 cm
  • loop-shaped tapes 30 x 2.5 cm
  • loop-shaped tapes 30 x 7.5 cm
We encourage you to check out the full range of resistance bands available on our website.

Rehabilitation tapes - application:

  • equipment for private medical facilities, clinics, health resorts and hospitals
  • equipment for laboratories at universities as demonstration equipment
  • assistance in the treatment of various types of diseases of the human body
  • use in gyms, exercise rooms and during fitness classes
We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full offer of rehabilitation tapes. Thanks to the wide range of our online store and the possibility of contact by phone and e-mail, you can easily assemble the appropriate set of medical devices and equipment that you need.
It is worth paying attention to rehabilitation equipment and rehabilitation tables, which, together with resistance exercise bands, will create an ideal set for equipping a practice, clinic, hospital and gym.
If you have any questions or if the rehabilitation tape you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.
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