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Medical Equipment / Dialysis armchair
Dialysis armchair is used for dialysis treatments and is designed as compatible with other dialysis devices which makes it easier to connect a patient to extracorporeal blood circulation. Dialysis armchair features ...

Medical Equipment - Dialysis armchair

Dialysis chairs are a key element of equipment in medical facilities that treat patients with kidney diseases. These chairs are used both in private facilities and hospitals. Dialysis, which is one of the most important stages of therapy for people with kidney failure, requires the use of specialized equipment that ensures maximum comfort and safety of patients during this long procedure. Our offer includes modern dialysis chairs that are gaining recognition among both professionals and patients. Our goal is to provide innovative, ergonomic, durable and effective therapeutic solutions that serve our clients and patients for many years.

Dialysis chairs:

Chairs intended for dialysis sessions are designed to ensure the optimal and most comfortable position for patients, which often last for several hours. Comfortable setting is important both for patients, enabling them to comfortably undergo long sessions, and for medical staff, which translates into the effectiveness of the procedure.
Typical dialysis chairs have adjustments that allow you to adjust the backrest angle, footrest and height, which allows you to adapt to the individual needs of each patient. Additionally, very often the dialysis chair is equipped with a hand support system, which increases stability and provides additional comfort during dialysis sessions.
The design of dialysis chairs also takes into account convenience for medical staff. Some models feature ergonomic handles for mounting dialysis lines, which facilitates the operation of the equipment and minimizes the risk of accidental removal of the dialysis needle. Additionally, the seats are designed in such a way that their structure is compact and slim, which increases the comfort of staff work. The materials from which dialysis chairs are made allow for easy maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene.
Dialysis chairs are used in various medical facilities, such as hospitals, dialysis clinics and centers specializing in the treatment of kidney diseases. They are an indispensable element in the care of patients suffering from chronic renal failure, enabling the effective implementation of dialysis sessions and ensuring support and comfort for both patients and medical staff. Thanks to continuous technological progress and innovation, dialysis chairs are becoming more and more advanced, tailored to the individual needs of patients and effectively supporting the treatment process.

Dialysis chairs - OpenMedis offer:

Below we present an example of a dialysis chair available in our online store:
  • K01 dialysis chair - characterized by an ergonomic design, guaranteeing maximum patient comfort and ease of use for the staff. It has an electrically adjustable height on a column actuator and a three-segment bed with electric adjustment of the backrest, seat and footrest via independently operating actuators. Thanks to the use of an ABS plastic casing, the K01 chair is slim, which facilitates access to the patient while ensuring easy maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene. As standard, it is equipped with two armrests integrated with the backrest, adjustable in all planes on ball bearings. The K01 dialysis chair also has a base with four 125 mm diameter wheels with a brake. Additionally, the necessary elements can be mounted to the chair, such as: paper hanger, drip, tool table and many others.
We encourage you to check out the full offer of dialysis chairs on our website.

Dialysis chairs - application:

  • equipment for medical offices, clinics, spas and hospitals
  • equipment for laboratories at universities as demonstration equipment
  • assistance in the treatment of various types of diseases of the human body
We also recommend that you check out our full range of dialysis chairs. Thanks to the wide range of our online store and the possibility of contact by phone and e-mail, you can easily assemble the appropriate set of medical devices and equipment that you need for your facility.
It is worth paying attention to treatment chairs for blood collection and hospital beds, which, together with dialysis chairs, will create an ideal set to equip your office, clinic and hospital.
If you have any questions or if the dialysis chair you need is not available in the store, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.
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