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3D anatomy models / 3D heart model
This 3D printed specimen preserves the external anatomy of the heart and the distal trachea, carina, and primary bronchi in the posterior mediastinum relative to the great vessels and left atrium (which demonstrates the ...
This heart model has been dissected to display the internal structures of the chambers. At the base of the heart the termination of the superior vena cava is preserved entering the right atrium. Part of the inferior ...
This 3D printed heart specimen preserves superficial cardiac anatomy and the bases of the great vessels. All four chambers (atria and ventricles) are preserved, with the pericardial reflections on the left atrium ...
In this specimen the heart itself has been removed to demonstrate the reflections of parietal peritoneum and the orientation of the heart relative to other structures, including the diaphragm (diaphragmatic surface) and ...
This 3D model represents a ‘normal’ sized adult heart with light dissection to the epicardium to expose the coronary arteries and cardiac veins.   At the base of the heart, the terminal part of the superior ...

3D anatomy models - 3D heart model

3D anatomical models of the heart as a teaching tool:

3D anatomical models of the heart are teaching aids that present the heart in three-dimensional form, enabling a thorough understanding of its structure and functions. The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body, which is why precise anatomical models of this organ are extremely valuable in the teaching process in primary schools, secondary schools and universities. 3D anatomical models of the heart present the exact structure of the heart, including: chambers, valves, blood vessels and other important anatomical elements. Thanks to this, students can become familiar with its complex structure and understand how the heart performs its function in the circulatory system. From a teaching point of view, it is important to carefully visualize these structures in order to understand their functions as well as the mutual relations between them. During the teaching process, precisely made anatomical models, faithfully presenting the human body, work great. In this product category, we present anatomical models of the heart created on the basis of CT radiological data and using modern 3D printing technology. OpenMedis also offers conventional anatomical models of the heart.

3D heart anatomical models - advantages:

3D anatomical models of the heart are made of durable material, which means they do not wear out and provide equal teaching conditions for all students. Their precise execution is based on radiological data from computed tomography (CT) and advanced 3D printing technology. Therefore, they are faithful replicas of the human heart, reflecting its actual structure and functions.
These anatomical models of the heart present the chambers, valves, blood vessels and other anatomical structures in their natural positions and courses. This is a significant advantage over conventional models, which often present anatomy in a simplified and schematic way. 3D heart models are extremely accurate and realistic, making it easier to understand its structure and functions. An additional advantage of 3D heart models is that they do not require special storage conditions and can be used in standard classrooms. Moreover, they are durable and do not require disposal, which makes them economical and environmentally friendly. There is no doubt that the colors of individual structures, tailored to educational purposes, facilitate learning anatomy by understanding the topography of individual structures and the mutual relations between them.

3D heart anatomical models - application:

3D heart models are an excellent teaching tool in the process of teaching heart anatomy for students of medical faculties such as medicine, cardiology, physiotherapy and nursing. They are also useful in training for medical staff and during courses and training in cardiology.
In addition, 3D anatomical models of the heart can be used as a decorative element in anatomy laboratories, medical offices and medical museums. They constitute a valuable part of thematic exhibitions devoted to the anatomy of the heart and the circulatory system.
Types of 3D heart anatomical models:
Our offer includes so-called anatomical models conventional and unconventional. In this product category, we would like to interest you in 3D anatomical models of the heart, which faithfully present its anatomical structure as on real dissection preparations. Our offer includes complete heart models and models with a distinguished internal structure.
  • The 3D model of the internal structure of the heart is very popular.
Based on radiological data, a series of models faithfully reflecting the human body were created. These advanced teaching aids are the equipment of anatomy laboratories of many Medical Universities in Poland. This is a modern solution used in many countries around the world.
How can we help?
OpenMedis is an experienced manufacturer and distributor of anatomical models on the Polish market. We offer comprehensive support in equipping anatomy laboratories, medical offices, schools and museums. If you need advice on choosing 3D cardiac anatomical models or other teaching aids, we are happy to help. Please contact us.
We also recommend our 3D anatomical head models and 3D torso models, which, combined with 3D heart models, create comprehensive tools for learning the anatomy and physiology of the body.
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