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Coccygeal Vein Blood Sampling Kit

Product code: MZ03978

Product description: Coccygeal Vein Blood Sampling Kit

Model of a cow tail with artificial blood pump and lifelike coccygeal vein for practicing blood taking techniques. 


Anatomically Correct

Vertibrae and vein positioning have been replicated from real bovine anatomy, allowing students to palpate for the correct position.

Blood Pump

Blood is circulated through the vein by a small electronic pump to simulate the heart pumping.
Needle Resistance
When inserting the needle, a realistic resistance is felt under the skin.
Bulging Vein
When pressure is applied, the vein bulges for students to see where to insert the needle.
Universal Stand
Supplied with a sturdy metal stand which is to be clamped to a bench top, allowing the tail to hang down in a natural position.
  • 1 x Blood Sampling Tail with Coccygeal Vein Insert
  • 1 x Blood Pump
  • 1 x Jar of Artificial Blood


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