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Calf phantom

Product code: MZ02159

Product description: Calf phantom

A life-size phantom of a domestic cattle calf intended for educational purposes for future doctors and veterinary technicians. It allows you to acquire practical skills before starting working with a real animal.


  • Pliable ears
  • Moveable mouth
  • Jugular pulse
  • Navel swelling
  • 2 removeable scrotums
  • Curriculum that addresses animal husbandry and proper calf care

Use the Calf Simulator to practice:

  • Tube feeding
  • Ear tagging
  • Hormone implantation
  • Hormone injection
  • Tail blood draws
  • Castration

  • Calf Simulator
  • Feeding tube and bag
  • 10 pairs of replacement ears
  • 2 removable scrotums
  • Quick start guide
  • Downloadable curriculum (including presentation slides)
  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Product Dimensions: 117 x 30 x 102 cm
  • Product Weight: 14 kg


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