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Calving simulator / Bovine Birthing and Ultrasound Simulator

Product code: MZ02394

Product description: Calving simulator / Bovine Birthing and Ultrasound Simulator

The calving simulator is a practical tool for training a cow's delivery reception and carrying out ultrasound examinations. This compact trainer can be placed on a table at the correct height so that pupils / students can practice pulling the calf out of the birth canal with the help of straps. Flexible, realistic, close to the natural weight and dimensions, the calf model is made of material, which ensures durability and usability. The ultrasound simulator uses sensing technology to simulate more 14 ultrasound situations. It has the ability to diagnose pregnancy and common problems.

Set contains:

  • A portable birthing simulator
  • Removable reproductive tract
  • Model of a birthing calf
  • Delivery tools: straps and hand
  • Ultrasound simulator: probe and tablet,
  • storage bag


  • Cow anatomy
  • Basics of cattle breeding
  • Proper techniques of ultrasound diagnosis
  • Own your birthing techniques
  • Abnormalities in childbirth

  • Features of the calf simulator
  • Realistic calf and birth panel of a pregnant cow
  • Table model
  • Removable cover
  • Flexible, replaceable scabbard Flexible, realistic tail
  • The legs od the calf and hooves are naturally mobile
  • Realistic pelvic bones creating more accurate birth scenarios
  • Spare parts available
  • Functions of the simulator for ultrasound diagnostics
  • It enables you to understand the stages of a bovine pregnancy, stages and birth scenarios
  • Teaching the practical use of ultrasound diagnostics during pregnancy in domestic cattle
  • Provides a visual representation of the corpus luteum and follicular cysts, as well as general pregnancy diagnostics
  • It includes 14 simulated situations to find and practice ultrasound technique Includes exercise and scenario modes

  • Calf dimensions: 92x31x41cm
  • Calf weight: approx. 12 kg
  • Ultrasound trainer dimensions: 76x76x64cm
  • Weight of the ultrasound trainer: approx. 23kg


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