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Dog Phantom for X-Ray and CT

Product code: FR01928

Product description: Dog Phantom for X-Ray and CT

Product information: Dog Phantom for X-Ray and CT

Full-size phantom of an adult female dog for multipurpose use in the field of X-Ray and CT diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine.

Available variants of the dog phantom for diagnostic imaging:    

  • Dog phantom for ultrasound
  • Dog phantom for x-ray imaging and computed tomography (X-ray and CT)
  • Dog phantom for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Combined dog phantom with the possibility of imaging while using ultrasound, X-Ray and CT
  • Combined dog phantom with the possibility of imaging using MRI, X-ray and CT

Upon special requests, we can customize it for simulating different pathologies as well as for specific trainings & research applications.

Main features:

  • The model is realistic, anatomically correct, has all important natural size internal organs and bone structures.
  • If desired, the phantom can be adapted with the help of a flexible heart and lungs, and free fluid to provide a variety of diagnostic imaging techniques.
  • It was designed mainly to provide simulated X-Ray and CT training in the field of veterinary medicine and other diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound , MRI.
  • Thanks to the possibility of placing different pathologies in the phantom base version, it can be adapted to specific training applications.

Phantom consists the following anatomical structures (individual elements can be added or removed depending on the application requirements):

  • Head, trunk, Tail
  • Spleen,
  • stomach,
  • liver
  • skeleton
  • kidney,
  • adrenal gland
  • Aorta
  • lymph nodes
  • Bladder
  • Descending colon and small intestine
  • Duodenum
  • pancreas
  • limbs
  • Gallbladder
  • Portal vein, vena cava and lymph nodes
Optional functions (on request, additionally payable)
  • Internal haemorrhages in the body, pelvis, pericardium, periphery areas, etc.
  • Changes and tumors in strictly defined places.
  • Customicing the phantom with movement or bleeding.
  • Hard carrying case and storage
Additional information:

Materials used:

1. Soft tissues and organs: urethane mixture

2. Synthetic bones are available in two options: based on urethane or epoxy resin

  • Size: 110 x 40 x 30 cm (approximately)
  • Weight: 24 kg (approx.)
Set contains:
  • full-size phantom of an adult female dog
  • CD
  • User's Guide
  • (Optional) hard carrying case and storage.
Possibility to configure your phantom yourself:
  • Note: this product is a replica of an adult female dog and is mainly used for ultrasound training and other diagnostic imaging in veterinary.
  • It can be adapted to different pathologies depending on your needs.
  • In order to prepare a phantom with a non-standard configuration, please send your specifications to prepare the valuation and execution time.

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