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Dog Phantom for ultrasonography (USG)

Product code: AM01926

Product description: Dog Phantom for ultrasonography (USG)

The newly designed detachable dog phantom is a training simulator, independent of external hardware/software. The phantom is compatible with Ultrasound, and X-RAY/CT. It has all the right features to be an ideal teaching tool for sonographers, radiographers, veterinary residents, and other vet professionals.
Unlike its predecessor, the new detachable dog phantom has improved anatomical structures and removable body parts(head, limbs, torso, and tail). This improvement is an added advantage as it helps perform various positioning techniques under the US, X-RAY/CT, and MR imaging modalities.
This product is available in the following options:
  • Dog Phantom for Ultrasound and X-RAY/CT imaging
  • Dog phantom for X-RAY/CT and MR imaging
  • Dog phantom for Research & Development applications

Body Parts and Anatomical structures:

Head: skull, realistic brain tissue.
Torso: complete spine, chest, shoulder (scapula), pelvis, heart, blood vessels related to the heart, lungs, stomach, liver and gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, bladder, ureters and uterus, large and small intestine
Front feet: shoulder, elbows, forearm (radius, elbow, paw, material imitating leather
Hind feet: thigh (femoral joint), knee joint, lower leg (tibia, fibula joint), paw, material imitating leather
Tail: tail bones

Optional features, upon request:
  • Internal hemorrhages at bilateral chambers, pelvic area, pericardial area, perisplenic areas, etc.
  • Lesions and tumors at precise locations.
  • Customizing the phantom with motion or bleeding.
*This model includes life-size abdominal organs & bony structures. If needed, it can be customized with a beating heart and breathing lungs to simulate dynamic respiratory motion with the help of mechanical pumps(optional). As a reference, you can watch this video captured from an R&D experiment conducted on our other product.

Dimensions and Weight:

Size: 116 x 66 x 43 cm (approx.) Weight: 18 kgs (approx.)


  • Adult Female Dog
  • Design video
  • User Manual with assembly instructions
  • Hard carry and storage case (Optional)


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