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BTL-4710 PREMIUM, 1-channel ultrasound

Product code: AD00587

Product description: BTL-4710 PREMIUM, 1-channel ultrasound

  • 1-channel ultrasound
  • The most advanced technology in the industry
  • Body Parts navigation and QUICK protocols
  • Portable and battery-operated
  • HandsFree Sono®

Main features:

  • Large 7″ colour touch screen
  • QUICK protocols
  • Body Parts navigation
  • Preset protocols and therapeutic encyclopaedia
  • Patient database • Portable and battery-operated*
  • Trolley*
  • Saving operator’s time and effort with HandsFree Sono®
  • Ergonomic heads with visual accessory identification / visual patient contact indicator
  • Heated multi-frequency applicators: 1 and 3 MHz available
  • Simultaneous treatment with 1 and 3 MHz


Technical parameters:

  • Display 7″ colour touch screen
  • Dimensions 380 × 190 × 260 mm
  • Weight max. 3 kg
  • Mains supply 100–240 V/AC, 50–60 Hz
  • Number of independent channels 1
  • Number of heads simultaneously connected 2
  • Modular frequency 10–150 Hz
  • Duty factor 5%–100%
  • Max. intensity in continuous mode 2 W/cm2
  • Max. intensity in pulsed mode 3 W/cm2
 Additional accessories:
  • Handsfree SonoTM multi-frequency maintenance-free head with an area of 12 cm2
  • Handsfree SonoTM multi-frequency maintenance-free head with an area of 18 cm2
  • Multi-frequency ultrasonic head with an area of 1cm2
  • Gel 300 ml
  • Gel 1000 ml


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