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Dog phantom for CPR training

Product code: MZ01906

Product description: Dog phantom for CPR training

Product information: Dog phantom for CPR training

A multipurpose, realistic mannequin of an adult  dog for XPR training. The scale 1: 1. The mouth aand snout are connected to separate artificial lungs that allow a realistic movement of the chest when the air flows through the channels placed inside the trainer. The chest is built in a way that allows compressions. Phantom also has an active pulse with the ability to manually simulate rhythmic or arrhythmic heartbeats. All limbs are adapted for splinting and bandaging. The fangs are made of a material similar to rubber, while maintaining the best possible sanitary requirements.

Main functions:

  • resuscitation,
  • intubation,
  • chest compressions,
  • heart rate simulator
  • multifunctional limbs e.g. for bandaging

Set contains:

  • 1 natural size mannequin
  • 4 inflatable lungs
  • 1 removable snout
  • 1 foam insert for compressions
  • 1 simulator imitating the pulse




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