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X-ray/CT/MRI/USG Phatoms
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X-ray/CT/MRI/USG Phatoms / Ultrasonund
 The Facial simulator contains the following muscles: Frontalis, Temporalis, O/Oculi, Risorius, Zygomaticus major & minor, Levator Labii, Buccinator, Alaeque Nasi, Orbicularis Oris, Labii Inferioris, Mentalis, ...
This ultrasound model shows a left, life-size human knee with the following structures: Femur, tibia and patella bones. Quadriceps tendon, patellar ligament, infrapatellar fat pad, synovium, prepatellar bursa, ...
This ultrasound model shows a life-size human shoulder with the following structures: Humerus, scapula, clavicle, acromioclavicular ligament and biceps ligament.   The shoulder can be punctured with 27 gauge ...
The multiourpose phantom of the newborn's forearm with the possibility of IV perform under ultrasound guidance. Anatomically correct, highly realistic, it can be used for ultrasound training of intravenous injections ...
The is designed based on an average human anatomy and it is made out of realistic patented bone material that is suitable for CT and anthropomorphic applications. It can be used for medical imaging research, radiology ...

X-ray/CT/MRI/USG Phatoms - Ultrasonund


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