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Veterinary / Amphibia
      This frog skeleton specimen shows the skeletal structure of this amphibian and the numbered bones are easy to identify       ...
Rana catesbeiana. Natural size.  On a green base with a transparent dust cover.   ...
Hyla arborea. Natural size. On a  base with a transparent dust cover. Perfect for demonstration and exhibition purposes. ...
Salamandra s. salamandra. On a base with a transparent dust cover.  Additional information: product only on request extended lead time Dimensions approx. 12x12x7.5cm Weight: approx. 0.2 ...
This model is 100% safe to use and offers: Very realistic and expertly detailed body of a frog Removable, anatomically correct organs No harmful chemicals and odors The purchased set ...
The Frog Section Model Organ Replacement Kit allows the same body to be used multiple times. It is enough to replace the used viscera with new ones. Specification: weight: approx. 1 kg dimensions: 5 x 5 x ...

Veterinary - Amphibia

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