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Veterinary / Rat
This prime specimen of a Rattus Rattus skeleton comes in a showcase for easy display in the classroom. The full rat specimen includes all the bones in a rat skeleton, even the most minuscule. The animal skeleton is ...
The Squeekums Rat manikin allows students, lab technicians, and handlers to learn how to confidently handle and safely manage lab rodents. The tail of this amazing rodent model can be conveniently detached and ...
We hope to contribute to a reduction in the number of experimental animals used, and is used as an alternative to animal experiments in medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary education and the education for ...
This rat skeleton specimen is used for visualisation and demonstration of a rodent skeleton. Skeleton of a real rat.. Firmly mounted on wooden base. Individual bones numbered. Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 x 5 x 6 ...
 This Set consits of a Rat SuturePad with a set of suturing instruments and three packages of non-sterile 4-0 practice suture. Instruments included in the Rat Kit: , 1 Brown Adson Tissue Forceps, 1 Sharp/Sharp ...
 This rat/mouse suture pad shows the first 5 layers of the abdominal wall of a rat or mouse. The layers form the epidermis, the subcutaneous layer, the first fascia layer the muscle layer and the second fascia ...

Veterinary - Rat

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