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Vertebral column with pelvis and femoral stumps

Product code: MA00076

Product description: Vertebral column with pelvis and femoral stumps

A life-size model of the human spine with a removable pelvis and proximal femoral fragments.


  • Special assembly on a flexible metal spiral rod that makes the spine stable and at the same time very flexible.
  • The model has proximal fragments of the femur  bones connected to the acetabulum with elastic rubber. Thanks to this, it is possible to present translatoric movements in the hip joint, e.g. traction in the axis of femoral neck.
  • The perfect model for anyone who wants to work intensively with the spine for many years.
  • Special flexible intervertebral discs behave like natural.
  • The model also has spinal nerves and vertebral artery and a base with a tripod. Individual segments of the spine have flexible intervertebral discs made of special foam, which squeeze on one side and expand on the opposite side, as in natural conditions.
  • Flexible intervertebral discs prevent an unnatural gap between the vertebral body and the intervertebral disc when the spine is bent.
  • All bone parts are cast from the natural spine and show anatomical details such as crevices, appendage holes, furrows, nodules.
  • Due to the use of an unbreakable, flexible metal rod, the spine is permanently elastic.
  • Flexible intervertebral discs, outgoing spinal nerves and natural motility very well show the interaction between the intervertebral disc, vertebra and nerves.
  • The sacrum is movable in a natural range - approx. 2 degrees of mobility.
  • The pelvis can be removed.


  • This model is ideal for learning anatomy, demonstrating spinal curvatures and scoliosis
  • The model is also used in manual therapy for learning research and mobilization in two and three-dimensional bolting.
Additional information:
  • It is the best model for anatomy, manual therapy training, patient education and demonstration.
  • height: 70 cm
  • weight: 1.8 kg model with stand
  • Highly mobile model


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