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Child Skeleton, 5 year old

Product code: MA00662

Product description: Child Skeleton, 5 year old

Realistic skeleton of a child aged 5 years.


  • The age of the skeleton is confirmed based on the pattern of eruption (eruption) of teeth and the developmental age of individual bones.
  • Reproduction of this skeleton includes all primary and secondary ossification centers that exhibit sufficient morphological detail to be isolated, recognized and identified from an anatomical context.
  • The overall shape and configuration of individual bones are within the normal 5-year-old limits.
  • Skull: The overall shape and configuration of the skull and individual bones are normal - limits for a 5-year-old child. The stitch patterns have a normal configuration. Sutures are palpable in the central areas where primary ossification began on the parietal and frontal parts.
  • Teeth: the model contains all milk teeth.
  • No bone pathology.
  • The use of a special staining technique makes the bones look very realistic. Arms and lower limbs have limited mobility. It is possible to dismantle the skull.

Additional information:

  • Model supplied with a tripod.
  • Height: approx. 95 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg



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