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Hindlimb Canine Bandaging & IV Kit

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Hindlimb Canine Bandaging & IV Kit

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Product description: Hindlimb Canine Bandaging & IV Kit

Veterinary students can practise finding the medial saphenous veins in a controlled environment for intravenous therapy or blood sampling with clear assessment and feedback from the tutor. 
Blood circulates from the Holsim Blood Pump through the vein tubing, where the student can then attempt to identify the vein and withdraw blood or administer the required fluids/drugs.  
The leg can also be used for teaching bandaging methods, especially as the toes of the dog leg can be spread to wrap the bandage. 
Anatomically Correct
Bone and vein positioning have been replicated from real canine anatomy.
Blood Pump
Blood is circulated through the leg by a small electronic pump to simulate the heart pumping.
Needle Resistance
When inserting the needle, a realistic resistance is felt under the skin.
Bulging Vein
When pressure is applied, the vein bulges for students to see where to insert the needle.
Spreadable Toes
Toes can be spread for bandaging purposes between digits. 

Hindlimb Canine Bandaging & IV Kit Includes:

  • 1 x IV & Bandaging Hindlimb Model with 1 x Medial Saphenous IV Insert. 
  • 1 x Blood Pump
  • 1 x Jar of Artificial Blood


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